Hollow Mirror is a 2019 favourite

Hollow Mirror is a 2019 favourite, making it onto multiple best metal album 2019 lists

2019 marked the release year of Hollow Mirror, our debut album.
In addition to beaming reviews, we are honoured to have made it onto the best 2019 metal album highlights of two journalists from danish METALIZED MAGAZINE, the top 2019 list from METAL REVOLUTION and both an album and concert performance top mention from METAL A DAY.

HELLE LOYCHE of METALIZED, who awarded Hollow Mirror a 10/10 review and whom we talked to about the creative process of ETHEREAL KINGDOMS, added us on her personal top 10 alongside bands like AVANTASIA, DEVIN TOWNSEND, BERSÆRK and many others. Thank you so much Helle!

“We gotta have at least one more Danish band on the list. We might not be able to play soccer or tennis, but we damn well know how to make metal!”

Helle Loyche, Metalizex

Journalist CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN of METALIZED, included Hollow Mirror in the “honourable mentions” of his top albums of 2019, in good company with our WACKEN METAL BATTLE DENMARK friends XENOBLIGHT, our DIRTY DAYS OF SUMMER buddies FOREVER STILL and many other amazing bands!

Journalist MIA HALL of METAL REVOLUTION added our collection of 9 ghost stories to her personal top playlist 10 for this year, citing

“An album that captures you from the very first song until the last”

Mia Hall, Metal Revolution
Ethereal Kingdoms debut album Hollow Mirror is featured on Metal Revolution Mia Hall's top 10 of 2019 list.
METAL REVOLUTION‘s MIA HALL added Hollow Mirror to her top 10 of 2019 releases.

She previously awarded Hollow Mirror 5/5 stars for RAVEN ROCK SITE.

Journalist MADS PRISTED included not only HOLLOW MIRROR but also our WINTERSUN support theatrical performance in his 2019 highlights, citing:

“Beware, abroad! Here comes the next big starts from little Denmark! Hollow Mirror is capable of a lot of things for a debut album. It’s great to see a band unafraid of grandiose ambitions and big dreams!”

Mads Pristed, Metal A Day

“Ethereal Kingdoms’ theatrical show almost matched the complex compositions of Wintersun”

Mads Pristed, Metal A Day

He previously reviewed our debut album, where he highlighted the storytelling aspects of our first collection of stories.

“Almost near perfection” – Review of Hollow Mirror

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun Support Sofia Schmidt vocalist at Gimle

★★★★☆ in this Hollow Mirror review from Metal A Day!

Music journalist Mads Pristed entered the Hollow Mirror soundscape.
He’s a big fan of acts like Nightwish, Epica, After Forever and Within Temptation, so his expectations were high for our first symphonic metal opus.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun 15th anniversary support. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt with torn out heart in a performance of Heartchamber.
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun 15th anniversary support.
Portrait by Skoett Photography

“The singles “Heartchamber” and “Distance” give a good feeling of the soundscape of the album, but it’s on “Beginnings” and “Endings“, that they truly shine. The connection and harmony of the two songs are almost near perfection.”

“Ethereal Kingdoms has an international sound, they are authentic and last but not least believeable, so they have the potential to make it really big. That’s why they get four big stars. “

Thank you so much Metal A Day!

Ethereal Kingdoms live at wintersun 15th anniversary support show at gimle. Sofia Schmidt kneeling on stage with microphone pointing towards guitarist Christian Rasmussen.
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun 15th anniversary support show.
Portrait by Skoett Photography

This Hollow Mirror review is not our first feature in this renowned Danish metal webzine.

Metal A Day founder and journalist Anders Lundtang has shared his thoughts on the theatrical metal experience on Copenhagen Metal Fest and Nordic Noise.
Mads Pristed, author of this album review was also present at our grandiose show at Wintersun’s first visit to Denmark at their 15th anniversary tour. A night with storytelling, special guests Amalie Skriver, Sigurbodi Gretarsson, The Kingdom Choir and special effects.

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‘A show of the grandiose kind’ – Copenhagen Metal Fest live review

Ethereal Kingdoms live

Our intimate Copenhagen Metal Fest show gets ★★★★☆ from Metal-A-Day in this live review!

We were invited for the very first installment of Copenhagen Metal Fest. A festival celebrating danish metal culture and Heavymetal.dk‘s 20th anniversary on three renowned stages: Amager Bio, Beta2300 and Teater ZeBu.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt with bloody special effect. By Mikkelsen Photo for Metal A Day.

We’ve played both of the first stages at Nordic Noise and Dirty Days of Summer Festival, but we had yet to unleash our theatrical metal universe at at true, real theatre stage.
We got this opportunity when we were offered a slot at 21st of September 2019 at Teater ZeBu stage.

The reporter Anders Lundtang witnessed our performance, which included our new single ‘Distance‘:

“(…) you feel like you’re witnessing a show of the grandiose kind!”
“Not two of their shows are alike (…)”
“(…) you cannot be anything but impressed (…)”

-Anders Lundtang, Metal A Day

Explore other live reviews of Ethereal Kingdoms in our reviews section, where you can also find album reviews and more.

Outstanding portraits created by Anders Mikkelsen // Mikkelsen-Photo

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt. By Mikkelsen Photo for Metal A Day.
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt in stagelight. By Mikkelsen Photo for Metal A Day.

Our next show will be a special acoustic performance with unique guests.
🔸 11th of October – Ethereal Kingdoms “Hollow Mirror” Release Fest + Koncert – Acoustic special show  at Zeppelin Rock Bar 

“Flying pieces of a broken violin” – Finntroll support review

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Finntroll support Gimle 2019

September 21st 2019 marked the night where we joined legendary Finntroll at the stage of Gimle, accompanied by Sylvatica and Vanir.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Gimle Finntroll support 2019
“The beginning takes a thousand shapes”
Ethereal Kingdoms with special guest Amalie Skriver live at Gimle
Portrait by outstanding Mathilde Maria Photography

A special night for us all, as we prepared a few surprises by bringing violinist and singer Amalie Skriver along as special guest as well as premiering striking animated video backdrops by illustrator Anna Hom Sørensen.

Journalist Anders Lundtang of Metal A Day shared his impressions of our performance at the sold-out Roskilde venue:

“During their show this nighty, you could risk getting hit by flying pieces of a broken violin, which was smashed on stage. This only serves to underline the richness of detail in this orchestra”

“The vocal register of lead singer Sofia Schmidt is sure to impress. anyone who aspires to perform on stage”

“The symbiosis between band and audience was striking (…)”

Anders Lundtang, Metal A Day
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Finntroll support Gimle 2019
“Hope is an illusion we feed ourselves”
Portrait by Mathilde Maria Rønshof

Thank you so much Metal A Day!