“Not just another symphonic metal band”

Hard Rock Info entered the Hollow Mirror soundscape and shared a few thoughts about what they experienced.

Ethereal Kingdoms live review metaladay.dk. Sofia Schmidt with bloody heart special effect at Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019
Sofia Schmidt in a moment of fury at Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019.

Portrait by Anders Groos Mikkelsen of Metal A Day

Our 9 ghost stories were received thusly:

” (…)if you’re a fan of symphonic and melodic metal, and have nothing against a few surprises, then you should at least give this band a try (…)”

“Their music is a little theatrical/cinematic actually, and full of ghost stories. Metal, soprano, growl and harsh vocals are mixed with choirs and a lot of different instruments and different twists and turns. “

“So, this is obviously a very ambitious project, and absolutely not just another symphonic metal band.”

Hard Rock Info

Hollow Mirror is out on 11th of October 2019 via Mighty Music.
Vinyl, CD and digital are available.

We’re incredibly exited to share this with the world. This is our first album, our first physical copies of our music made available to the public.

You’re invited into the Hollow Mirror experience.
Enter. Join us.
Share your thoughts with us on social media.

Other metalheads and metal journalists have experienced the following:

“You’re in for an experience”10 of 10 –Metalized

“Almost near perfection” – 4 of 5 -Metal A Day

“Beauty interrupted by brutality”6 of 6 – Calles Rock Corner

“Each composition is a kingdom of its own” – Fireworks

Dragged out of the comfort zone”– 12 of 15 – Legacy magazine

“A perfect balance of darkness and brightness” – 8 of 10 – Metal Temple

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