“A darker take on symphonic metal” – Review of Hollow Mirror

Ethereal Kingdoms live wintersun support by Jannie Ravn Madsen. Sofia Schmidt vocalist with bloody heart special effect.
“With each step I take, you bleed”
Sofia Schmidt with a torn our heart at Wintersun 15th Anniversary support.
Portrait by Jannie Ravn // blastbeast.dk

Journalist Tim Bolitho-Jones of Über Rock entered Hollow Mirror and found it to be “an impressive piece of work” in this review:

“a darker take on traditional symphonic metal (…) a more horror-inflected vibe and feels grimly oppressive.”

“It’s also notable for the frankly fantastic vocals of singer Sofia Schmidt. Aside from her impressive orchestral range, she also handles the low register death growls and switches between styles in an instant.”

“The likes of ‘Beginnings’ and ‘Ashes Within’ are huge, cinematic slices of Gothic melodrama.” 

Tim Bolitho Jones – Über Rock

Hollow Mirror is our collection of 9 ghost stories and tales of personal tragedy. Our most massive undertaking to date, our debut album was created with the help of numerous guest artists such as icelandic folk musician Sigurbodi, award winning singer-songwriter Amalie Skriver on violin and guest vocals, numerous classical soloists, voice actor Simon Larsen and many more.

We have worked closely with artist Anna Holm to create the visual backdrop for Hollow Mirror by creating unique illustrations for each of the 9 songs.

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Vinyl and CD with 12-page illustrated art booklet available at the official Target webshop

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