Beginnings live playthrough video

Ethereal Kingdoms beginnings live full band playthrough

Join us in our rehearsal room for our very first full band live playthrough video.
For this live session of Beginnings, we invited our good friend, outstanding violinist and singer Amalie Skriver.

Beginnings – Full band live playthrough with Amalie Skriver.
Watch now on the official Mighty Music youtube channel.

The theatrical metal experience – behind the curtain

We wanted to share the energy we experience in our rehearsal room and invite you to feel what happens behind the stage curtains of Ethereal Kingdoms.
This video has a more low-key feeling compared to the character of our live shows, providing an intimate and personal experience of the dynamics in our little theatrical metal ensemble.

Capturing the spontaneous fun while still creating a visually interesting outcome was easier than it sounded. With some lights, coffee, cookies and a bit of additional sound adjustments, we got right into the feeling as the camera started rolling.

Ethereal Kingdoms live band playthrough

With a little help from our friends

Our good friend Christoffer Valentin Hildebrandt helped out with the mix and production of the audio tracks.
He created the majestic soundscape of his band SUNLESS DAWN‘s critically acclaimed debut album “TIMEWEAVER”. If you’re into progressive metal, definitely check it out!

Video was filmed by Alexander Petrovich Birk, who also documented our performance with WINTERSUN in 2019. An absolute joy to work with the guy again.

Ethereal Kingdoms beginnings full band live playthrough behind the scenes. Camera operator Alexander Petrovich Birk captured the fun and spontaneous energy of this evening in our rehearsal room
Camera operator Alexander Petrovich Birk captured the fun and spontaneous energy of this evening in our rehearsal room

With some editing magic, Sofia brought it all together at her little workspace-corner in our rehearsal room.

Ethereal kingdoms beginnings live version editing

A special guest

Amalie Skriver is not only featured in this live session. She is a strong presence on our 2019 debut album Hollow Mirror.

She appears with her emotive solo violin and otherworldly backing vocals on most of the tracks. Amalie has also joined us at our special theatrical performances at NORDIC NOISE FESTIVAL, FINNTROLL SUPPORT, and latest at our WINTERSUN support show in 2019.

Ethereal Kingdoms featuring violinist Amalie Skriver

The story of Beginnings

On Hollow Mirror, every song is a story of its own, with veins and ties reaching across the tracks and combining into a larger overlying narrative.
Beginnings is the counterpart for our 2019 single Endings. Together, they tell the story of blind hope and bitter consequences. They are also related to the story of Heartchamber, which acts as a prequel for the events unfolding in the two songs.

If you look closely at the background of our video, you will notice our stage backdrops having the imagery of the characters from the artwork for Beginnings and Endings, but in a ghostly, incorporeal form.

Hear the story of Endings here, with this beautiful lyric video created by Scott Rudd, featuring Anna Holms enchanting artwork:

CANCELLED – Næstved Metalfest

Ethereal Kingdoms live at NÆSTVED METALFEST
September 4th & 5th

Næstved Metalfest – KONGEBRYG
Kasernevej 21, 4700 Næstved , Denmark


Doors: 14:00
Concert: 15:30

Running order available now

Næstved Metalfest 2020 full lineup
Ethereal kingdoms næstved metalfest 2020 lineup kongebryg

For our first show ever in NÆSTVED, we enter NÆSTVED METALFEST. Arranged by MIGHTY MUSIC, we are in the grand company of legendary BAEST, HATESPHERE, WITHERING SURFACE, DAWN OF DEMISE, WAYWARD DAWN and more!
The venue KONGEBRYG will set a raw and intense frame around our stories, which we will unleash in an unbridled and furious format at an open air experience.

Our vocalist SOFIA SCHMIDT spend her teenage years creating music and culture in the city of NÆSTVED, and have spent many after-school hours at co-sponsor NÆSTVED UNGDOMSSKOLE, so it will be an evening with a nostalgic return.
She and drummer JON ELMQUIST played their first ever open-air festival show at the ROCK PÅ MUNKEN 2 event and SKULL SMASH FESTIVAL back in the early 2010’s with their now-defunct melodeath project BLAZE OF BARBAROID.


Press statement in Danish 🇩🇰

I 2019 slog Næstved Metalfest for første gang dørene op til den største og tungeste metalfestival syd for København. Allerede 14 dage før selve festivalen, kunne vi melde alt udsolgt!
Til august gør vi det igen, bare endnu større!

I stedet for én dag, tager vi to dage i brug og dermed lukker vi også op for dobbelt så mange gæster som sidste år. D. 28 & 29 august 2020 går det løs, denne gang med endnu flere bands.

JIMMY NIELSEN medarrangør, udtaler:
“Jeg kan simpelthen ikke vente med at præsentere den endelige plakat for Næstved Metalfest 2020. Jeg synes selv vi har samlet nogle enormt fede bands til denne festival som favner bredt, rent musikalsk og at vi allerede i år kigger ud over landegrænsen. Både Michael (H. Andersen) og jeg er helt på røven over den enorme opbakning og modtagelse der har været af vores lille hjertebarn. Den havde vi ikke helt set komme, men det viser bare at metaltrætheden har trænge kår, når det kommer til musikgenren og at dansk metalmusik er i voldsom vækst. Nu håber vi bare at det smitter af på scenen i Næstved, så næste generation af bangers kan steppe op og vise kronen & nøglerne”.

Næstved Metalfest 2020 finder sted D. 28 & 29 august 2020 på Kongebryg. Der er lagt i ovnen til en stor oplevelse i det Sydsjællandske med de rustikke faciliteter hos det populære lokale bryggeri og spillested. Der vil således både være brygget specielt øl til lejligheden og være et stort udbud af boder med mad, drikke og merchandise.

Der arrangeres bustur fra København til Næstved Metalfest i samarbejde med Club Dark. Den oplagte mulighed for få en på opleveren uden for Hovedstaden. Bustur t/r fra Zeppelin Rock Bar på Vesterbro Torv til et af Danmarks bedste bryggerier med metalkoncerter oveni hatten, alt sammen i de smukke omgivelserne omkring den gamle Gardehusar kaserne.

Udgårdsfest 2020 | CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

Udgårdsfest 2020 cancelled

Udgårdsfest 2020 – Denmark’s finest viking/pagan metal festival
21st/22nd of August 2020, Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
Early bird tickets available now:

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun support show at Gimle. Sofia Schmidt performing My Kantele by Amorphis in front of crowd.
Portrait by Skoett Photography

In the grand company of Unleashed, Varang Nord, Heidra, Einherjer and more to be announced.
Ethereal Kingdoms return to Pumpehuset in 2020
A very special night for us, as this was the venue we played our very first show and the Wacken Metal Battle Denmark 2018 Finals.

In celebration, we bring special surprises for this show!
You will experience the songs from Hollow Mirror with a uniquely scandinavian and nordic twist as we celebrate our roots at Udgårdsfest 2020.

Tickets are on sale now.

Get in the pagan mood with our cover of Amorphis’ My Kantele:

Ethereal Kingdoms – My Kantele – Amorphis cover
Featuring Sigurbodi Gretarson on hurdy gurdy and the sound of Sofia Schmidt’s 10-string Kantele
Udgårdsfest 2020 poster. Ethereal Kingdoms Unleashed Varang Nord Einherjer Heidra and more TBA.
Poster by Anna Holm Sørensen

“Beauty interrupted by brutality” – Review of Hollow Mirror

‘Hollow Mirror’ Review

Reviewer Jacob Jørgensen from Calles Rock Corner  gave our upcoming debut album a listen and awarded a grand 6 out of 6 stars in this ‘Hollow Mirror’ review!

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror album cover. Mighty music 2019
Ethereal Kingdoms ‘Hollow Mirror’
The wonderful and strange album cover art was created by talented Anna Holm Sørensen

“It’s a very dreamy and strong release, that brings you into different moods. It’s an exciting journey listening to this album”

“Beauty interrupted by brutality”

“Definitely a band I will follow in the future!”

Thank you so much!

Article in Danish


Enter the theatrical metal experience at this one of a kind acoustic concert with special guests, celebrating the release of Hollow Mirror.
We have merch, a signature drink, visual surprises and just a really good party waiting for you this evening.
You are invited! Join us!
🔸11th of October – Ethereal Kingdoms “Hollow Mirror” Release Fest + Koncert – Zeppelin Rock Bar


‘Hollow Mirror’ has been well received by the press already:
Metal Temple – 8 of 10 stars – “A perfect balance of brightness and darkness” – 82/100 score – “A complete range of voices”
Lords of Metal – 7.7 of 10 stars – “A very deserving debut”

Ethereal Kingdoms – Distance
A story of breaking the unbreakable. Beautiful cover artwork by illustrator Anna Holm
Mighty Music 2019

‘Hollow Mirror’ is out 11th of October 2019 via Mighty Music.
You can pre-order it already now and be among the first to explore the 9 new stories on our critically acclaimed album.



🔸Pre-add Hollow Mirror to your streaming service of choice:

Metallian magazine interview

Metallian – the largest French language metal mag – have honored us with our very first foreign print magazine feature! And our name even made it to the front page!

The editors reached out to us for an exciting interview about Hollow Mirror, our music and our creative process. Christian and Sofia goes into detail about the theatrical aspect of our music and the concept behind the stories on our very first album. We also talk about our inspirations and dreams.

Read it in in this September/October issue.

Ethereal Kingdoms Metallian interview sep/oc 2019. Full page magazine spread interview with symphonic metal band Ethereal Kingdoms. Mighty Music 2019.
Metallian Magazine honored us with this full page magazine spread for this interview!

We are featured alongside our heroes of Jinjer, Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage and our Mighty Music label mates Tygers of Pan Tang and Blood Red Throne.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Besides this interview, Metallian also awarded Hollow Mirror a grand 5/6 stars in their review of our debut album!

Ethereal Kingdoms is featured on the front page of Metallian, the largest French language metal magazine. Interview about Hollow Mirror inside.

Other magazines have shared their thoughts about our music as well:
‘A perfect balance of brightness and darkness’ – Metal Temple
‘A very deserving debut’ – Arrow Lords of Metal
‘A complete range of voices’ –

Have you entered the theatrical metal experience yet?
Have you dared to step into Hollow Mirror?
Get a glimpse into our soundscape with our three first singles:
Heartchamber EndingsDistance
Three stories of torn fates, bitter hopes, loss, love and unbreakable bonds.

Follow us on Spotify and be among the first to hear our new album

‘A very deserving debut’ – Review of Hollow Mirror

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun’s 15th anniversary show
Portrait by Skoett Photography

Sjak Roks of Dutch magazine Arrowlords of Metal entered the soundscapes on our debut album Hollow Mirror. He has shared his thoughts in this review here:

“(…) considering that the band has only been around for two years and considering that this is only their first album, we can certainly speak of a very deserving debut.”

“(…) the song material of Ethereal Kingdoms sounds quite bombastic over time, but luckily they regularly alternate with both subdued passages and very aggressive pieces. “

“The soprano vocals, the growls as well as the whisper vocals during the quieter passages are all provided by Sofia and that can be called quite impressive.”

“(…) The songs are definitely worth listening to and especially ‘Ashes Within’ (with its blast beats, heavily set orchestral parts, a very dark atmosphere and a lot of variation in the vocals for me the showpiece of this album) and ‘Endings’ appeal to the imagination(…)”

7,7/10 score! Thank you so much!
Article in Dutch 🇳🇱

Thank you so much!

Enter Hollow Mirror
October 11th

Pre-add to your preferred streaming service for free

Endings – A story of blind hope and bitter consequence
Video by the magnificent Scott Rudd Films
Mighty Music 2019

Other metal media outlets have said the following about Hollow Mirror:

6 of 6 stars – “Beauty interrupted by brutality” – Calle’s Rock Corner
82/100 score – “A complete range of voices” –
8 of 10 stars – “A perfect balance of brightness and darkness” -Metal Temple
10 of 10 stars – “You’re in for an experience” – Metalized

New single ‘Distance’

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror Distance 01 Mighty Music Ethereal Kingdoms lyrics
Cover created by the incredible illustrator Anna Holm

A story of breaking the unbreakable.

Listen now on your favourite streaming service and pre-add our ‘Hollow Mirror’ album for free.

Distance – 3rd single from critically acclaimed debut album ‘Hollow Mirror’
Mighty Music 2019

Distance is the first track on our debut album ‘Hollow Mirror’
Various media have shared their thoughts about this collection of stories:
‘A perfect balance of brightness and darkness’ – Metal Temple
‘A complete range of voices’ –
‘A very deserving debut’ – Arrow Lords of Metal