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Xaon Sunless Dawn Ethereal Kingdoms Lametari Forbrændingen Heavymetaldk

9th of October 2020

Vognporten 11
2620 Albertslund


Doors: 18.00

Swiss progressive death metal mastodons XAON return to Denmark for a night of wonder, magic and complexity at FORBRÆNDINGEN in Albertslund, Copenhagen.

In the company of WACKEN METAL BATTLE DENMARK 2015 winners SUNLESS DAWN, we bring our finest songs to this show.
We will also have a special collaboration between Sunless Dawn and Ethereal Kingdoms at this performance.

New symphonic black metal band LAMENTARI joins this show, unleashing their critically acclaimed debut EP f live this night.

Ethereal Kingdoms live
Portrait by Mikkelsen-Photo for Metal A Day || Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019

XAON’s 2019 album SOLIPSIS made it onto our “Sounds of the Kingdoms” Spotify playlist, a handpicked selection of songs that inspire, delight and fascinate us. Vocalist Sofia especially is a big fan of this band.

“In league with the big bands” – Hollow Mirror review

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun support show at Gimle. Sofia Schmidt performing My Kantele by Amorphis in front of crowd.
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun support show at Gimle. Sofia Schmidt performing My Kantele by Amorphis in front of crowd
“Music will not play to please”
Sofia and Sigurbodi performing My Kantele – Amorphis cover at Wintersun 15th anniversary Support show at Gimle
Portrait by Skoett Photography

★★★★★★★★☆☆ from for Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror!
One of Denmark’s longest running metal webzines awarded Hollow Mirror a score of 8 of 10 stars in this review.
Journalist Carsten Bach entered the Hollow Mirror dreamscape.
He was thrilled by the storytelling and drew clear parallels to our inspirations from Amorphis, Nightwish and so forth.

He said:

“You don’t need more than a few seconds of listening to place Ethereal Kingdoms in league with the big bands”

“(…) You get the sense, that you will witness a story and not just 9 separate songs.”

“Vocalist Sofia Schmidt clearly demonstrates, that she’s not to be dismissed as a docile pretty voice, for her guttural roars and ear-shattering screams are truly powerful”

Carsten Bach,

★★★★★★★★★☆Thank you so much! was also present when we unleashed some of the songs from Hollow Mirror for the first time live.
This happened at Royal Metal Fest April 6th 2019 at our theatrical special show:
“I witnessed something unique” – ★★★★★★★★★☆ –

We also spoke with before our show at Copenhagen Metal Fest, where we in this interview talk about our inspirations, dreams and what’s on our guilty pleasure playlists!

Explore Hollow Mirror at your streaming service of choice or at your local record store!

Ethereal Kingdoms – Hollow Mirror – Full album playlist

Other metal journalists from all over the world have entered the Hollow Mirror dreamscape as well.

“Dragged out of the comfort zone” – Legacy magazine
“Elegance that keeps the listener pivoting” – Dead Rhetoric
“You’re in for an experience” – Metalized

‘A show of the grandiose kind’ – Copenhagen Metal Fest live review

Ethereal Kingdoms live

Our intimate Copenhagen Metal Fest show gets ★★★★☆ from Metal-A-Day in this live review!

We were invited for the very first installment of Copenhagen Metal Fest. A festival celebrating danish metal culture and‘s 20th anniversary on three renowned stages: Amager Bio, Beta2300 and Teater ZeBu.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt with bloody special effect. By Mikkelsen Photo for Metal A Day.

We’ve played both of the first stages at Nordic Noise and Dirty Days of Summer Festival, but we had yet to unleash our theatrical metal universe at at true, real theatre stage.
We got this opportunity when we were offered a slot at 21st of September 2019 at Teater ZeBu stage.

The reporter Anders Lundtang witnessed our performance, which included our new single ‘Distance‘:

“(…) you feel like you’re witnessing a show of the grandiose kind!”
“Not two of their shows are alike (…)”
“(…) you cannot be anything but impressed (…)”

-Anders Lundtang, Metal A Day

Explore other live reviews of Ethereal Kingdoms in our reviews section, where you can also find album reviews and more.

Outstanding portraits created by Anders Mikkelsen // Mikkelsen-Photo

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt. By Mikkelsen Photo for Metal A Day.
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt in stagelight. By Mikkelsen Photo for Metal A Day.

Our next show will be a special acoustic performance with unique guests.
🔸 11th of October – Ethereal Kingdoms “Hollow Mirror” Release Fest + Koncert – Acoustic special show  at Zeppelin Rock Bar 

“I witnessed something unique” – Royal Metal Fest live review

Ethereal Kingdoms live at royal metal fest 2019. Sofia Schmidt

★★★★★★★★★☆ from for Ethereal Kingdom’s special theatrical show at Royal Metal Fest 2019.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at royal metal fest 2019 with dancers presenting hollow mirror songs.
Corporeal ghost stories of Hollow Mirror brought to life by two dancers
Royal Metal Fest 2019
Portrait by Johnny Fravn of

April 6th 2019 at 17.00 at Radar in Århus marked a milestone for Ethereal Kingdoms.
We unleashed our very first theatrical special performance at Royal Metal Fest .
We received their grant for creating an extraordinary concert.
We assembled The Kingdom Choir, premiered new songs from Hollow Mirror, unleashed corporeal ghosts, shattered violins, blood and a torrent of emotion from the intimate stage setting.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Royal Metal Fest 2019. Sofia Schmidt Jakob Holm Jon Elmquist performing at Radar stage.
Sofia Schmidt, Jakob Holm and Jon Elmquist of Ethereal Kingdoms
Royal Metal Fest 2019
Portrait by Johnny Fravn of

Journalist Jeanett Meibom shared her thoughts about our show:

“I was absorbed by what was happening on stage (…) I left with an experience of having witnessed something unique.” 

“Lead vocalist Sofia Schmidt’s voice is incomparable to anything else in the Danish metalscene” 

“(….) entered Radar with a show in two acts: Act I and Act II. The first round featured just the band on stage but as the show moved along, more joined in: smoke-spitting ghosts and three young male choir singers (…)”

“The theatrical aspect of Ethereal Kingdoms is something nobody else in Denmark can do”

Jeanett Meibom,

Thank you so much!

The Kingdom Choir of Ethereal Kingdoms at royal metal fest 2019.
The Kingdom Choir – Frozen screams and exalted voices.
Royal Metal Fest 2019
Portrait by Johnny Fravn of

Other media outlets shared’s excitement about our special show performance:

4,5 of 5 stars – “Refreshingly ambitious” – Revolution Music

4 of 5 stars – “Death, love and ghosts” –

Use the review section to explore other’s experiences of our music.

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