“New pages in the history of the genre” – Finntroll support live review

Review of Finntroll, Vanir, Sylvatica, Ethereal Kingdoms at Gimle, 21st of September 2018 .

Finntroll Denmark 2018 Ethereal Kingdoms Vanir Sylvatica Gimle. Anna Holm Sørensen
We could barely believe this show was happening until we saw the poster!
An unforgettable night with Finntroll, Vanir and Sylvatica at Gimle.
21st of September 2018
Artwork by Anna Holm

2018 was an intense first year for Ethereal Kingdoms:
Two showcase concerts with Blastbeast, SPOT festival, Wacken Metal Battle Denmark finals and last but not least: supporting legendary folk metallers Finntroll at their show in Gimle, Denmark.

For this show we brought special guests in the form of violinist and signer Amalie Skriver as well as some shattering special effects.

Ethereal Kingdoms live with finntroll. Sofia Schmidt destroying a violin on stage.
Sofia Schmidt shattering a violin on the stage floor of Gimle.
Finntroll support, september 21st 2018
Portrait by Vildmark Studio

Italian webzine Heavymetal.it was present at this concert and shared their thoughts in this review:

“Those who think that the symphonic metal has nothing more to say will soon have to change its mind. This band, young and well organized, has all the qualities to write new pages in the history of this genre” 

“The charming singer Sofia Schmidt (…) has a truly phenomenal voice capable of alternating lyrical singer virtuosities, evolving unexpectedly into a true growling beast.” 

Davide Bonavida , Heavymetal.it
Sofia Schmidt live with Ethereal Kingdoms supporting Finntroll 2018
Sofia Schmidt on the stage of Gimle at Finntroll support show 2018

Portrait by Gaia Micatovich // Heavymetal.it

Aside from this review, vocalist Sofia also spoke with Davide Bonavida of Heavymetal.it for an interview about Ethereal Kingdoms’ inspirations, ambitions and their unique stage presence.

By: Davide Bonavida 
Published: 18th of October 2018

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