“Close your eyes and listen” – Metal’art Hollow Mirror review

4,5 of 5 stars from Metal’art in this review of Hollow Mirror.
Journalist Morbid Domi dared to look at our debut album and states:

“In their mirror, I saw the beauty and the capacity to lay one day a true masterpiece in this very noble style. Close your eyes and listen …”

“The 9 titles composing the work are totally captivating. Their metal is generous in both the refined orchestrations and guitar riffings of Christian Rasmussen. More than in groups yet known worldwide, we find passages very aggressive thanks to the excellent drumming of Jon Elmquist.

Apparition” is already in a level higher than the “Enter” of Within Temptation.”

“The entire album listens without transitions, never tired. “

Morbid Domi, The Metal Art

Thank you so very much!

Other French metal media have taken interest in our 9 ghost stories, such as Metallian, who honored us with our very first foreign print magazine front page feature and a full-page interview.

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