Best European Metal Bands features Ethereal Kingdoms

Spanish-based European Metal Channel featured Ethereal Kingdoms very first single and music video “Heartchamber” in their 145th “Best European Metal Bands” compilation.

Focusing on releases from October 2019, this song from Hollow Mirror made it onto their list. We are in good company with bands from all over the EU!

European Metal Channel has a collection of “Best European Metal Bands” for you to explore on their YouTube as well as on their website.

Watch or rediscover the story of Heartchamber – a beautiful bittersweet story of love and loss.

The song features award winning singer-songwriter Amalie Skriver on harmony vocals. The torn lovers in the story is portrayed by our lovely flute soloist Lærke Krarup and our good friend actor and athlete Magni Hansen.

We created the video with the joined forces of videographer Anders Mikkelsen (who also filmed this ‘Endings’ vocal playthrough video) and the brilliant editors at MindSpark Films:

Did you know that Sofia and Christian wrote the song for their participation in the finals of Wacken Metal Battle Denmark back in 2018?
The story is linked to the songs “Beginnings” and “Endings”, which you can find on ‘Hollow Mirror’
Those three songs and the characters portrayed herein are therefore the core actors in the ghost stories on our debut album.

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