“Frighteningly powerful”

The very first Ethereal Kingdoms church concert took place Friday the 21st of February in Udlejre Kirke, Copenhagen.

Journalist Nargiz Galib Andersen witnessed this sold-out special theatrical performance performance, where we incorporated choir, organ and flute soloist with the metal ensemble and the church’s unique architectural structure to create a total experience.

Her report of this Ethereal Kingdoms church concert in Nordica LIVE Magazine reads as follows:

“(…) You could feel the excitement amongst people as we were queuing to enter the church, where Ethereal Kingdoms played their concert”

“The mixed audience could be characterized as “grey gold” and “black metal””

“(…) We were seated around the drum set in the middle of the church-room (…) The quartet and the band entered the room to beautiful tones of a-capella and concert flute (…)

The sound in the church was special and different. The sound of the drums seemed natural and real. Sofia‘s growl seemed frighteningly powerful in the contrast to the church’s beautiful architecture. (…) That woman can growl you into an nightmarish entrancement. and she can sing soprano-notes, that makes you fly in the summer rain. “

“The entire room was used by the band and choir as a stage”

Portraits by Tankepine /Doomed Images for Nordica LIVE Magazine

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