“A surprising record” – Review of Hollow Mirror

Journalist Axel Meuriche of French metal magazine Metallian entered Hollow Mirror. He awarded our debut album a grand 5 of 6 stars in this review!
Not only did Metallian feature this review in their September/October issue, they awarded us with a wonderful full page interview feature where we talk about our inspirations, the concepts of Hollow Mirror and how we fuse theatre and metal.

Axel wrote the following about Hollow Mirror:

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror review in Metallian. Symphonic metal mighty music 2019

“Hollow Mirror is a surprising record, that any fan of symphonic metal will be able to adopt easily.”

“The dexterity is always at the service of the melody, especially on “Endings” and the little pop side of the style is never too far with “Heartchamber” and “Silent Dance” …

“(…) rich pieces, sublimated by ever indigestible orchestrations that brilliantly accompany the lyrical flights and cries of the beautiful singer, Sofia Schmidt.”

Thank you so much Metallian!

Other media have shared their thoughts about Hollow Mirror as well:
“You’re in for an experience” – 10 of 10 – Metalized
“Beauty interrupted by brutality” – 6 of 6 – Calles Rock Corner
“Like going on a journey” – 5 of 5 – Raven Rock Site
“Each composition is a kingdom of its own” – 12 of 15 – Fireworks Magazine
“A perfect balance of brightness and darkness” – 8 of 10 – Metal Temple

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