Hollow Mirror is a 2019 favourite

Hollow Mirror is a 2019 favourite, making it onto multiple best metal album 2019 lists

2019 marked the release year of Hollow Mirror, our debut album.
In addition to beaming reviews, we are honoured to have made it onto the best 2019 metal album highlights of two journalists from danish METALIZED MAGAZINE, the top 2019 list from METAL REVOLUTION and both an album and concert performance top mention from METAL A DAY.

HELLE LOYCHE of METALIZED, who awarded Hollow Mirror a 10/10 review and whom we talked to about the creative process of ETHEREAL KINGDOMS, added us on her personal top 10 alongside bands like AVANTASIA, DEVIN TOWNSEND, BERSÆRK and many others. Thank you so much Helle!

“We gotta have at least one more Danish band on the list. We might not be able to play soccer or tennis, but we damn well know how to make metal!”

Helle Loyche, Metalizex

Journalist CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN of METALIZED, included Hollow Mirror in the “honourable mentions” of his top albums of 2019, in good company with our WACKEN METAL BATTLE DENMARK friends XENOBLIGHT, our DIRTY DAYS OF SUMMER buddies FOREVER STILL and many other amazing bands!

Journalist MIA HALL of METAL REVOLUTION added our collection of 9 ghost stories to her personal top playlist 10 for this year, citing

“An album that captures you from the very first song until the last”

Mia Hall, Metal Revolution
Ethereal Kingdoms debut album Hollow Mirror is featured on Metal Revolution Mia Hall's top 10 of 2019 list.
METAL REVOLUTION‘s MIA HALL added Hollow Mirror to her top 10 of 2019 releases.

She previously awarded Hollow Mirror 5/5 stars for RAVEN ROCK SITE.

Journalist MADS PRISTED included not only HOLLOW MIRROR but also our WINTERSUN support theatrical performance in his 2019 highlights, citing:

“Beware, abroad! Here comes the next big starts from little Denmark! Hollow Mirror is capable of a lot of things for a debut album. It’s great to see a band unafraid of grandiose ambitions and big dreams!”

Mads Pristed, Metal A Day

“Ethereal Kingdoms’ theatrical show almost matched the complex compositions of Wintersun”

Mads Pristed, Metal A Day

He previously reviewed our debut album, where he highlighted the storytelling aspects of our first collection of stories.

“You’re in for an experience” – Review of Hollow Mirror

Ethereal Kingdoms Metaled
Ethereal Kingdoms Metalized front page October/November 2019 124th issue. 10 of 10 star Hollow Mirror review and interview feature.

★★★★★★★★★★ from Metalized!
The ‘Hollow Mirror’ album reviews keep coming in and we’re so honored by how well our stories and songs have been received by those who listen.
Journalist Hell(e) of Metalized explored the sounds of our debut album and shared her thoughts in the 124th issue of Metalized:

“(…) with a quality nearing that of Nightwish, you’re in for an experience!”

“It’s music that is to be experienced both in your living room and on stage”

“Well worth the money if you enjoy symphonic metal with beautiful, beautiful female vocals”

Thank you so much Metalized!

We are featured in the issue no. 124 (oct/nov 2019), not only with this lovely album review for ‘Hollow Mirror’, but also with an interview by Hell(e).

We talk about our creative process, our record deal with Mighty Music, inspirations, hopes and dreams for the future and how it works when we’re on the road with big names such as Finntroll, Forever Still and Wintersun.

In this magazine, we’re in the great company of Mayhem, Cult of Luna, Baest, Michael Monroe, Soren Andersen, Denner’s Inferno and many many other metal and rock heroes.

Metalized is the longest running rock and metal magazine in Scandinavia, and have published countless interviews with every heavy metal and rock legend imaginable. It goes back to 1987 and is an esteemed and important actor in the metal and rock journalism scene in the nordic countries.

More Hollow Mirror album review:

This is not the only album review we have received from Hollow Mirror. Other metal media have shared their thoughts as well:

“Beauty interrupted by brutality” – 6 of 6 skulls – Calle’s Rock Corner
“A complete range of voices” – 82 of 100 score – Musica.be
“A perfect balance of brightness and darkness” – 8 of 10 stars – Metal Temple
“A very deserving debut” – 7,7 of 10 stars – Lords of Metal

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror debut album cover.