“This band has a story to tell” – Nordic Noise live review

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Nordic Noise festival.

Our Nordic Noise 2019 special show gets ★★★★★★★★☆☆ from powerofmetal.dk!
We had the honor of playing at the big stage of Amager Bio for the 2019 installment of Nordic Noise Festival. We were in the grand company of Candlemass, Tygers of Pan Tang and other great acts during the two lovely spring days in May.

Nordic Noise 2019 poster with lineup for both days.
Nordic Noise 2019 lineup poster.

For this show, we celebrated the release of our first single Heartchamber.
We wanted to make something magical, so we brought special guest violinist Amalie Skriver and The Kingdom Choir along to our show, as well as some special effects.

Ethereal Kingdoms performance at Nordic Noise. Broken violin on stage.
A shattered violin on the stage of Amager Bio
Portrait by Mark Stoumann for Metal A Day

Journalist Mia Hall of Danish webzine powerofmetal.dk witnessed this performance.
These are excerpts of her thoughts:

“The way this singer sings is rarely heard. Her opera voice, screams and growling shows some real technicality to her singing, and it is almost as if she has different masks she puts on. Very impressive!”

“I can tell that this band has a story to tell, as the singer is very active on stage, both dancng around like a fairy and then jumping around, growling and breaking things on stage. The choir and fiddle also helps to get the atmosphere in that right kind of mood, as symphonic power metal can give. And the harmonies sound GREAT!”

“No matter what they do, it can not be less intense than what they performed this evening.”

Mia Hall, Powerofmetal.dk
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Nordic Noise festival.
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Nordic Noise 2019 with special show.
Portrait by Stoumann of Metal A Day

Thank you so much powerofmetal.dk!
GAFFA and Metal A Day was also present at this performance.
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