“Death, love and ghosts” – Royal Metal Fest live review

The Kingdom Choir of Ethereal Kingdoms at royal metal fest 2019.

★★★★☆ from Metaltone.dk for Ethereal Kingdoms’ special theatrical show at Royal Metal Fest 2019.
Backed with a special production grant, we brough stories from Hollow Mirror to life for the first time. We created a theatrical show featuring The Kingdom Choir, dancers, special effects and special light show.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at royal metal fest 2019. Sofia Schmidt
Sofia Schmidt in the stage light setting created by Martin Rasmussen.
Royal Metal Fest 2019
Portrait by Johnny Fravn of Metaltone.dk

“There were different highlights at Royal Metal fest this year. One of them definitely was Ethereal Kingdoms”
“I could almost have wanted a bigger stage for this show”

“The songs were executed beautifully with (…) Sofia fronting. (…) She’s educated in opera (…) but sometimes shifts to high pitch screams and even very masculine deep growls. (…). I was deeply impressed (…).”

“(…) performing the songs in text, dancing and acting backed by skilled and competent musicians (…)”

“An incredibly ambitious show” 

“We experienced death, joy, sorrow, love and ghosts this night (…) one of the interesting performances this year”

Johnny Fravn, Metaltone.dk
Christian Rasmussen performing at Royal Metal Fest 2019 Ethereal Kingdoms.
Guitarist and composer Christian Rasmussen.
Royal Metal Fest 2019
Portrait by Johnny Fravn for Metaltone.dk

Thank you so much metaltone.dk!
Before the show, we spoke with Royal Metal Fest about our thoughts and ambitions for this one of a kind performance in this interview.
We were honored to be backed with financial grant from DMF, DAF and Metal Royale foundation.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at royal metal fest 2019. violin breaking on stage.
Sofia Schmidt shattering a violin on stage.
Royal Metal Fest 2019.
Portrait by Jakob Dinesen of devilution.dk

Others who have witnessed this performance say the following:

4,5 of 5 stars – “Refreshingly ambitious” – Revolution Music

9 of 10 stars – “I witnessed something unique” – Heavymetal.dk

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