“What a voice!” – live at Byhaven, Pumpehuset

Ethereal Kingdoms live christian haystack rasmussen guitarist

★★★★★★★★☆☆ for our first live show since the lockdown from MODGIFT! We joined our MIGHTY MUSIC label mates WAYWARD DAWN and CHRONICLE for our very first open-air experience.
A wonderful night with new faces, old friends and so much pent up energy to be released

Ethereal Kingdoms live byhaven guest vocalist Darnell boddie and Sofia schmidt by nikolaj bransholm
Special guest vocalist Darnell Boddie lifted our arrangements with his characteristic countertenor vocals. He’s been a part of The Kingdom Choir, our own vocal ensemble, since its formation in 2019.
Portrait by Nikolaj Bransholm

Mighty Music presents…

Our record label Mighty Music presented this open air showcase night, that according to Modgift was a

“Great great evening, that brings renewed hope for the ‘return’ of live music”

The reviewer continues with the following remarks:

Sofia Schmidt’s performance fronting Ethereal Kingdoms, really lifts the level of the band.

When she enters the stage, she (…) is a vocalist of absolute format. What a voice she has.

Not only Sofia’s voice and performance, but the songs of our 2019 debut album Hollow Mirror made an impression on this metal journalist:

(…) they can write some very catchy music in this band.
(…) their album from last year have really grown on me and after this night, the same goes for the live performance.

Ethereal KingdomsWayward DawnChronicle(Livekoncert)Byhaven Pumpehuset 30.07.2020Anmeldt af @Andreas…

Slået op af ModgiftSøndag den 2. august 2020

Thank you MODGIFT for this lovely account of a wonderful evening at BYHAVEN.

We cannot wait to be back on stage with our next shows at NÆSTVED METALFEST and XAON/SUNLESS DAWN/ETHEREAL KINGDOMS/LAMENTARI

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Royal Metal Fest interview

Ethereal Kingdoms live at royal metal fest 2019 with dancers presenting hollow mirror songs.

Ethereal Kingdoms have been granted a very special time slot at Royal Metal Fest 2019. A unique opportunity to bring our theatrical metal visions to life. A space to experiment in the intersection between show and concert.

Each year, the Metal Royale Foundation, Dansk Musikerforbund and Dansk Artistforbund offer a grant for a band, that wants to do something extraordinary with their performance.

For 2019, we had the honor of being chosen – Showtime is 6th of April at 17.00 at the Radar venue at Royal Metal Fest.

Journalist Pernille Randrup reached out us to learn more.
We spoke about what’s happening behind the scenes, our ideas and concepts for the show and how to make ghosts come to live on stage.

“It’s not a concert, it’s not a musical, it’s not theatre. It’s something different where we think stage-oriented. A show”

“Ethereal Kingdoms is about experimenting in the intersection between show and concert. The balance between the grotesque and the beautiful. Contrasts, quick shifts, sudden flows.”

“We bring dancers to coporealize ghosts and (…) bring a choir to be a living part of the stage, to make everything more vivid – and it’s just nicer with live voices!”

“We’re experimenting with video backdrops and to assist in the lights we have Martin Lundholm, the light tech of MØL”

Article in Danish 🇩🇰

So how did the show play out?
Various media outlets witnessed our performance and shared their experiences here:

9 of 10 stars – “I witnessed something unique” – heavymetal.dk

4,5 of 5 stars – “Refreshingly ambitious” – Revolution Music

4 of 5 stars – “Death, love and ghosts” – metaltone.dk

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