Endings – Full vocal playthrough video

Ethereal Kingdoms Endings full vocal playthrough video out now on youtube

Earlier in November, we asked all of you which Ethereal Kingdoms song you would like to see a full vocal playthrough of.
You chose ‘Endings’, 5th song on Hollow Mirror.

Sofia and our video-genius friend Anders Groos Mikkelsen of Mikkelsen Photo, spent an evening creating this full vocal playthrough video:

The video was created in our newly re-decorated rehearsal room, which we share with our good friends and label-mates Vanir.
With three video lamps, two colored LED-bars, a dual-camera setup and some creative time in Final Cut Pro X, we created this clip for you.

Ethereal Kingdoms vocal playthrough of Endings from Hollow Mirror. Behind the scenes. Sofia Schmidt leaning agains microphone stand in rehearsal room.
Behind the scenes of Endings vocal playthrough video
Portrait by Mikkelsen-Photo

Sofia used the Shure SM7b vocal microphone for this recording, and all screams and growls for Hollow Mirror was actually recorded with this very setup.
Her clean vocals for the album was recorded in Wolf Rider Sound Productions studio. For this playtrhough though, everything is made on the SM7b, one of her absolute favorite pieces of equipment.

The studio version? It sounds like this, featuring The Kingdom Choir and an absolutely brilliant mix by Jakob Gundel of Gainfactory.
Watch or re-watch the stunning lyric video with artwork by Anna Holm brought to life by legendary Scott Rudd Films:

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