“Elegance that keeps the listener pivoting” – Hollow Mirror Dead Rhetoric review

Ethereal Kingdoms live Sofia Schmidt breaking violin live at Royal Metal Fest Jacob Dinesen Devilution

What happens when you combine massive choirs, heartfelt screams, shattered violins, nostalgic melodies, classical soloists and thundering blastbeats?
What happens when you bring nine ghost stories to life set in a theatrical metal sound-stage?

Journalist Matt Coe entered the Hollow Mirror soundscape and awarded our debut album an 8,5 of 10 rating from Dead Rhetoric!

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Royal Metal Fest 2019. Sofia Schmidt shattering a violin at the stage floor. Symphonic metal theatrical performance. Portrait by Jacob Dinesen of Devilution.
“Hope is an illusion we feed ourselves”
Shattering the potential for beauty.
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Royal Metal Fest 2019
Portrait by Jacob Dinesen of Devilution

 “(…) in the case of this quartet, they are willing to incorporate gothic and dark/extreme elements against an elegance that keeps the listener pivoting throughout these nine tracks.”

“(…) the music supporting the singing in a seamless fashion, the extra orchestration and woodwind/classical accents providing the extra cherry layer on top of the proceedings.”

Matt Coe, Dead Rhetoric.com
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun anniversary support show. Guitarist Christian Rasmussen performing on stage at gimle with guitar. 
Portrait by Skoett Photography.
“I reflect in broken glass”
Christian Rasmussen at Wintersun 15th anniversary support show 2019
Portrait by Skoett Photography

“Guitarist Christian Rasmussen can go from crunchier rhythms to clean passages that convince you of the man’s stellar abilities”
“(…)the group cover “My Kantele” from Amorphis, adding their dual clean/growl slant and giving the song the credit it deserves for being a set list/band favorite since it’s release in 1996.”

“Ethereal Kingdoms (…) do their best to blend their love of gothic, folk, and darker/extreme metal on top of things. Because of this Hollow Mirror will reflect adequately for most who love the diverse approach and attention to catchy melodies/harmonies throughout.”

Matt Coe, Dead Rhetoric.com

“You’re in for an experience” – Metalized
“A surprising record” – Metallian
“A darker take on symphonic metal” – Über Rock