‘A very deserving debut’ – Review of Hollow Mirror

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun’s 15th anniversary show
Portrait by Skoett Photography

Sjak Roks of Dutch magazine Arrowlords of Metal entered the soundscapes on our debut album Hollow Mirror. He has shared his thoughts in this review here:

“(…) considering that the band has only been around for two years and considering that this is only their first album, we can certainly speak of a very deserving debut.”

“(…) the song material of Ethereal Kingdoms sounds quite bombastic over time, but luckily they regularly alternate with both subdued passages and very aggressive pieces. “

“The soprano vocals, the growls as well as the whisper vocals during the quieter passages are all provided by Sofia and that can be called quite impressive.”

“(…) The songs are definitely worth listening to and especially ‘Ashes Within’ (with its blast beats, heavily set orchestral parts, a very dark atmosphere and a lot of variation in the vocals for me the showpiece of this album) and ‘Endings’ appeal to the imagination(…)”

7,7/10 score! Thank you so much!
Article in Dutch 🇳🇱

Thank you so much!

Enter Hollow Mirror
October 11th

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Endings – A story of blind hope and bitter consequence
Video by the magnificent Scott Rudd Films
Mighty Music 2019

Other metal media outlets have said the following about Hollow Mirror:

6 of 6 stars – “Beauty interrupted by brutality” – Calle’s Rock Corner
82/100 score – “A complete range of voices” – Musica.be
8 of 10 stars – “A perfect balance of brightness and darkness” -Metal Temple
10 of 10 stars – “You’re in for an experience” – Metalized

New single ‘Distance’

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror Distance 01 Mighty Music Ethereal Kingdoms lyrics
Cover created by the incredible illustrator Anna Holm

A story of breaking the unbreakable.

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Distance – 3rd single from critically acclaimed debut album ‘Hollow Mirror’
Mighty Music 2019

Distance is the first track on our debut album ‘Hollow Mirror’
Various media have shared their thoughts about this collection of stories:
‘A perfect balance of brightness and darkness’ – Metal Temple
‘A complete range of voices’ – Musica.be
‘A very deserving debut’ – Arrow Lords of Metal

‘A complete range of voices’ – Review of Hollow Mirror

Ethereal Kingdoms live performance featuring Sigurbodi Gretarsson.
Portrait by Jannie Ravn for Blastbeast.dk
30th of August 2019
From our special theatrical show featuring Sigurbodi Gretarsson (left) at Wintersun‘s 15th anniversary

Luc from musica.be immersed himself into our theatrical metal universe in this review for the site musica.be
His 82/100 score and thoughts of the album is summarized here:

“Maybe next year we will have to say that we found “Hollow Mirror” to be one of the better albums of the year”

“(…) this sounds a lot darker and more threatening than most in this genre (…) mainly reflected in the vocals and the threat that comes from a whole bunch of fragments.”

“Sofia has a complete range of voices ranging from powerful clean vocals (…) to extremely deep and heavy growls that a bunch of male colleagues cannot imitate!”

Review in Belgian 🇧🇪

Hollow Mirror is out October 11th 2019 on digital, CD and vinyl.

We celebrate with a wonderful acoustic concert release party at Zeppelin Rock bar with special guests and surprises.
Join us 11th of October at 19.30
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Other media say the following about ‘Hollow Mirror’:
‘A perfect balance of brightness and darkness ‘ 8 of 10 stars – Metal Temple
‘A very deserving debut’ 7,7 of 10 stars – Arrow Lords of Metal

‘A perfect balance of darkness and brightness’ – Review of Hollow Mirror

Ethereal Kingdoms live performance at Wintersun 15th anniversary show at Gimle 2019
Portrait by Skoett Photography
30th of August 2019, Gimle
From our special theatrical show at Wintersun’s 15th Anniversary show

Paul Romero took the dive into the Hollow Mirror. He has awarded our debut album ★★★★★★★★☆☆, landing it in the”Excellent”-category in a review from  Metal Temple! 🇬🇧

“A perfect balance of darkness and brightness”

“This band has a good chance of becoming a new force in the genre (…) definitely on my ‘bands to watch out for’ list.”

“This is the first time I felt this certain tickle in my chest”

Read the full article here

Thank you so much!

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Creating Hollow Mirror was an intense and very rewarding process for all of us in the band. When we got our record deal in late September 2018, we immediately started the process of creating new songs and stories for the album. The direction and universe was already set so the stories and soundscape seemed to create themselves at times. We started the first recordings already in November 2018 and finished the last recording in late January 2019. We were overwhelmed by the interest and support of our numerous guest artists. It was truly something magical to hear the lines you’ve written played by real people with their own interpretation. All this intensity, excitement, big emotions and sleepless nights went into Hollow Mirror. This being our first album, it is really close to our hearts and we hope that you will enjoy exploring the soundscape we have made for you!

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Other media say the following about ‘Hollow Mirror’:
‘A very deserving debut’ – Arrow Lords Of Metal
‘A complete range of voices’ – Musica.be