The Theatrical Symphonic Metal Experience

Unpredictable beauty. Unexpected brutality.

Surrender to the theatrical metal experience.

Characterized by intense and unpredictable liveperformances, Ethereal Kingdoms deliver a unique and modern take on theatrical symphonic metal.

Intersecting show and concert, you are invited into a sonic universe with songs spanning from soaring high notes to shattering screams, from nostalgic melodies to haunting dissonances, from heartfelt solos to destroyed violins. 

Fronted by Sofia Schmidt’s characteristic stage performance and unique vocal, spanning the highest soprano notes to the deepest growls, Ethereal Kingdoms deliver poignant stories and moods with heartfelt passion and unexpected turns.

Ethereal Kingdoms’s debut at Blastbeast’s The New Sh*t Showcase pt. 5  I January 2018 was followed by an intense first year. In the company of Forever Still, MØL, Xenoblight and many others, they displayed their musical dramas at SPOT festival, the finals of Wacken Metal Battel Denmark and ended the year in the company of Finntroll at a sold-out Gimle.

Ethereal Kingdoms signed with Mighty Music shortly after this show, only 10 months after their first release. 

In 2019 the Copenhagen-based band returns to Roskilde as support for Finnish symphonic metal legends Wintersun.

Ethereal Kingdoms band picture 2019 by Mathilde Maria Rønshof

Autumn 2019 the band reveals their debut album via Mighty Music.
The album is a collection of selected ghost stories, brought to life by choir and classical soloists in fusion with the established metal ensemble.

Torn fates, ghost stories and metal fuses in a grandiose soundscape on the coming album, produced by Jakob Gundel.

The stories have already been unleashed at their first critically acclaimed liveshows in 2019 at a special feature show at Royal Metal Fest and Nordic Noise Festival in Amager Bio. These shows featured singers from the internationally acknowledged Men’s Choir of Roskilde Cathedral, bringing the massive choir-parts to life. The stories were made corporeal by dancers (Royal Metal Fest) and by award winning singer/songwriter and violinist Amalie Skriver as special guest (Nordic Noise Festival).

Ethereal Kingdoms unfolds the theatrical metal universe.

You are invited.

Press kit contains:

1 folder with 7 press photos of band and members

1 folder with logos in white + black as .png and .swg

1 folder with 22 liveshow photos

2 press text, 1 in English, 1 in Danish

2 overview of show formats, 1 in English, 1 in Danish