“A surprising record” – Review of Hollow Mirror

Journalist Axel Meuriche of French metal magazine Metallian entered Hollow Mirror. He awarded our debut album a grand 5 of 6 stars in this review!
Not only did Metallian feature this review in their September/October issue, they awarded us with a wonderful full page interview feature where we talk about our inspirations, the concepts of Hollow Mirror and how we fuse theatre and metal.

Axel wrote the following about Hollow Mirror:

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror review in Metallian. Symphonic metal mighty music 2019

“Hollow Mirror is a surprising record, that any fan of symphonic metal will be able to adopt easily.”

“The dexterity is always at the service of the melody, especially on “Endings” and the little pop side of the style is never too far with “Heartchamber” and “Silent Dance” …

“(…) rich pieces, sublimated by ever indigestible orchestrations that brilliantly accompany the lyrical flights and cries of the beautiful singer, Sofia Schmidt.”

Thank you so much Metallian!

Other media have shared their thoughts about Hollow Mirror as well:
“You’re in for an experience” – 10 of 10 – Metalized
“Beauty interrupted by brutality” – 6 of 6 – Calles Rock Corner
“Like going on a journey” – 5 of 5 – Raven Rock Site
“Each composition is a kingdom of its own” – 12 of 15 – Fireworks Magazine
“A perfect balance of brightness and darkness” – 8 of 10 – Metal Temple

“Not just another symphonic metal band”

Hard Rock Info entered the Hollow Mirror soundscape and shared a few thoughts about what they experienced.

Ethereal Kingdoms live review metaladay.dk. Sofia Schmidt with bloody heart special effect at Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019
Sofia Schmidt in a moment of fury at Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019.

Portrait by Anders Groos Mikkelsen of Metal A Day

Our 9 ghost stories were received thusly:

” (…)if you’re a fan of symphonic and melodic metal, and have nothing against a few surprises, then you should at least give this band a try (…)”

“Their music is a little theatrical/cinematic actually, and full of ghost stories. Metal, soprano, growl and harsh vocals are mixed with choirs and a lot of different instruments and different twists and turns. “

“So, this is obviously a very ambitious project, and absolutely not just another symphonic metal band.”

Hard Rock Info

Hollow Mirror is out on 11th of October 2019 via Mighty Music.
Vinyl, CD and digital are available.

We’re incredibly exited to share this with the world. This is our first album, our first physical copies of our music made available to the public.

You’re invited into the Hollow Mirror experience.
Enter. Join us.
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Other metalheads and metal journalists have experienced the following:

“You’re in for an experience”10 of 10 –Metalized

“Almost near perfection” – 4 of 5 -Metal A Day

“Beauty interrupted by brutality”6 of 6 – Calles Rock Corner

“Each composition is a kingdom of its own” – Fireworks

Dragged out of the comfort zone”– 12 of 15 – Legacy magazine

“A perfect balance of darkness and brightness” – 8 of 10 – Metal Temple

Legacy magazine interview

Journalist Lukas Schärer of Legacy magazine reached out to us for an interview in their 122nd issue.
We talk about Hollow Mirror, our view on our unique take on symphonic metal, our show preparations for our Wintersun support show, our inspirations as well as our hopes and plans for the future.

Legacy magazine interview with Ethereal Kingdoms about Hollow Mirror debut album.
Legacy magazine interview with Ethereal Kingdoms.
This full-page feature is crowned by our band portrait by talented Mathilde Maria Rønshof

Excerpts from the interview:

“(creating Hollow Mirror, red.) was a very emotional and intense experience. We hope that this energy reaches the listener. We can not wait to share the album with the world.”

“We focus on the contrast between beauty and brutality.
If it’s only brutal, you get desensitized, it’s the twist that makes it interesting”

Sofia Schmidt, interview with Legacy Magazine

The theme of contrasts on Hollow Mirror is apparent, when we shift the topic towards our music video for Heartchamber:

“The video shows a love couple being torn apart. Both are recurrent characters on the album. We use quite brutal images, such as when the heart is ripped from the chest. It underscores the balance between the beautiful music and the rather gloomy lyric theme of loss and pain in the soul.”

Sofia Schmidt, interview with Legacy Magazine
Musicvideo for Heartchamber
Mighty Music 2019

We elaborate on the connection to our single Endings.

Read the entire feature of this Legacy Magazine interview in their issue no 122.
Besides this interview, you can also find a 12 of 15 scored review of Hollow Mirror in the magazine’s review section.

Explore other interviews and reviews in the archives here on our website.

Hollow Mirror is out 11th of October 2019 via Mighty Music on Vinyl, CD and digital. Pre-add and pre-order links can be found in the shop section the official Ethereal Kingdoms website.

“Dragged out of the comfort zone” – Legacy album review

Germany’s Legacy magazine explored the theatrical metal experience which is Ethereal Kingdoms.
Journalist LS awarded Hollow Mirror a grand 12 of 15 stars ★★★★★★★★★★★★☆☆☆as well as an interview feature!

Legacy no 122 front page with review of Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror
Front page cover of Legacy Magazine no. 122

Journalist LS entered the Hollow Mirror soundscape and emerged with this experience:

“Hollow Mirror” is supported by the surprisingly variable voice of singer Sofia, who not only sings cleanly for several octaves, but likes to scream and growl in between.

“The band does not shy away from dissonances (…) there’s also a nasty bludgeon with a Deathcore touch on a hymnic elf-like vocals, such as on the middle section, Endings’.”

“Hollow Mirror” is a collection of ghost stories, with a 16-voice choir supporting Sofia in the dramatic rendition, as well as guest appearances with Sigurboði Gretarsson, who otherwise indulges in his one-man Niðafjöll command, and songwriter Amalie Skriver.

 “Hollow Mirror” takes time – the typical Crypt Metal crowd is unlikely to enjoy being dragged out of its comfort zone by the unruly arrangements and complex soundscapes – the Danes have the courage.”

Review of Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror by LS in Legacy Magazine no 122.
Review of Hollow Mirror by LS in Legacy Magazine no 122

Thank you so much Legacy Magazine for featuring Ethereal Kingdoms in your printed magazine!
Explore the interview feature and browse other interviews with internation metal media in our interviews section.

“Each composition is a kingdom of its own” – Fireworks magazine

82 of 100 points and a top-5 playlist mention for Hollow Mirror in Fireworks Rock & Metal magazine!

Front page of Fireworks Rock & Metal issue no 88 October-December 2019
Fireworks Rock & Metal issue no 88 October-December 2019

Journalist Bruce EJ Atkinson of renowned Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine entered the Hollow Mirror soundscape.
He awarded us a grand 82/100 points score. Amongst our compositions, he highlighted ‘Distance’, ‘Beginnings’ and our cover of ‘My Kantele’ by our melodeath heroes in Amorphis.

Mr. Atkinson thought the following of Hollow Mirror:

“(…) comprises nine beautifully executed musical journeys (…) the music in each creation is so descriptive and so is the vocal delivery of Schmidt; in case you are wondering …. Yes, those growls are hers – all hers!”

“Each composition is an epic and and each is a kingdoms of its own; they are full of complicated arrangements that are raw and emotional yet finely textured”

“This is a type of performance that seldom works and yet these four musicians make it work all the time.”

“(…) A virtual tempest that showcases the high talents of each member.”

We even made it to the top 5 playlist recommendation from Bruce EJ Atkinson!

Thank you so much Fireworks Rock & Metal!

Other metal media have shared their thoughts on Hollow Mirror. Explore the archive in our reviews section.
10 of 10 – “You’re in for an experience!” – Metalized
6 of 6 – “Beauty interrupted by brutality” – Calle’s Rock Corner
4 of 5 – “Almost near perfection” – Metal A Day
8 of 10 – “A perfect balance of brightness and darkness” – Metal Temple

Hollow Mirror is out on October 11th 2019 via Mighty Music
Pre-add to your streaming service or pre-order Vinyl or CD copy via our official shop.

We celebrate the release of our debut album with a special acoustic performance at Zeppelin Rock Bar with special guests and surprises.

“You’re in for an experience” – Review of Hollow Mirror

Ethereal Kingdoms Metalized front page October/November 2019 124th issue. 10 of 10 star Hollow Mirror review and interview feature.

★★★★★★★★★★ from Metalized!
The ‘Hollow Mirror’ album reviews keep coming in and we’re so honored by how well our stories and songs have been received by those who listen.
Journalist Hell(e) of Metalized explored the sounds of our debut album and shared her thoughts in the 124th issue of Metalized:

“(…) with a quality nearing that of Nightwish, you’re in for an experience!”

“It’s music that is to be experienced both in your living room and on stage”

“Well worth the money if you enjoy symphonic metal with beautiful, beautiful female vocals”

Thank you so much Metalized!

We are featured in the issue no. 124 (oct/nov 2019), not only with this lovely album review for ‘Hollow Mirror’, but also with an interview by Hell(e).

We talk about our creative process, our record deal with Mighty Music, inspirations, hopes and dreams for the future and how it works when we’re on the road with big names such as Finntroll, Forever Still and Wintersun.

In this magazine, we’re in the great company of Mayhem, Cult of Luna, Baest, Michael Monroe, Soren Andersen, Denner’s Inferno and many many other metal and rock heroes.

Metalized is the longest running rock and metal magazine in Scandinavia, and have published countless interviews with every heavy metal and rock legend imaginable. It goes back to 1987 and is an esteemed and important actor in the metal and rock journalism scene in the nordic countries.

More Hollow Mirror album review:

This is not the only album review we have received from Hollow Mirror. Other metal media have shared their thoughts as well:

“Beauty interrupted by brutality” – 6 of 6 skulls – Calle’s Rock Corner
“A complete range of voices” – 82 of 100 score – Musica.be
“A perfect balance of brightness and darkness” – 8 of 10 stars – Metal Temple
“A very deserving debut” – 7,7 of 10 stars – Lords of Metal

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror debut album cover.

“Almost near perfection” – Review of Hollow Mirror

★★★★☆ in this Hollow Mirror review from Metal A Day!

Music journalist Mads Pristed entered the Hollow Mirror soundscape.
He’s a big fan of acts like Nightwish, Epica, After Forever and Within Temptation, so his expectations were high for our first symphonic metal opus.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at wintersun 15th anniversary support show at gimle. Sofia Schmidt kneeling on stage with microphone pointing towards guitarist Christian Rasmussen.
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun 15th anniversary support show.
Portrait by Skoett Photography

“The singles “Heartchamber” and “Distance” give a good feeling of the soundscape of the album, but it’s on “Beginnings” and “Endings“, that they truly shine. The connection and harmony of the two songs are almost near perfection.”

“Ethereal Kingdoms has an international sound, they are authentic and last but not least believeable, so they have the potential to make it really big. That’s why they get four big stars. “

Thank you so much Metal A Day!

This Hollow Mirror review is not our first feature in this renowned Danish metal webzine.

Metal A Day founder and journalist Anders Lundtang has shared his thoughts on the theatrical metal experience on Copenhagen Metal Fest and Nordic Noise.
Mads Pristed, author of this album review was also present at our grandiose show at Wintersun’s first visit to Denmark at their 15th anniversary tour. A night with storytelling, special guests Amalie Skriver, Sigurbodi Gretarsson, The Kingdom Choir and special effects.

Pre-add Hollow Mirror to your streaming service of choice and be among the first to hear the stories or pre-order CD or vinyl through the official shop!

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun 15th anniversary support. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt with torn out heart in a performance of Heartchamber.
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun 15th anniversary support.
Portrait by Skoett Photography

Metalized magazine interview

Ethereal Kingdoms Metalized oktober/november 2019. Front page conver of metallized magazine, hollow mirror album review 10 of 10 and interview feature article with Ethereal Kingdoms.
Metalized – the oldest scandinavian printed metal magazine – reached out to us for an interview and an album review feature for the October/November issue!

How do you create a symphonic metal album from scratch?
What is life on the road like for Ethereal Kingdoms?
And what is it like to sign with Mighty Music less than a year after your debut EP?
We spoke to journalist Hell(e) in this Metalized magazine interview, the oldest metal and rock magazine in all of Scandinavia

Excerpts from the interview:

“We try to create the music we feel is missing out there. We draw our inspiration from a lot of different places, and always strive to create something extraordinary”

“For me (Sofia, red.) the growl is the 6th gear of my voice, it’s for when what I want to say can’t be said with intense high notes. I need to scream and roar it out, it’s a raw masculine energy that I like to work with in my voice”

“(Signing with Mighty Music, red.) has opened up a lot of opportunities to get our music out to those, who want to hear it”

“Especially live, we sometimes take big chances and experiment in the intersection between show and concert”

In this issue no 124, you will find a review of Hollow Mirror as well (10 of 10 stars, thank you so much!) as well as articles with Baest, Mayhem, Soren Andersen and many many more!

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun 15th anniversary special show with Amalie Skriver.
Ethereal Kingdoms live with special guest Amalie Skriver at Wintersun 15th anniversary show.
Photo by Mikkelsen-Photo for Metal a Day

We have also spoken with Metallian, the largest French metal magazine in print (and even made it to the frontpage of their September/October issue! Thank you so much!

Explore our universe at instagram, facebook, Spotify and youtube for more adventures in Ethereal Kingdoms.

“Beauty interrupted by brutality” – Review of Hollow Mirror

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror album cover. Mighty music 2019
Ethereal Kingdoms ‘Hollow Mirror’
The wonderful and strange album cover art was created by talented Anna Holm Sørensen

‘Hollow Mirror’ Review

Reviewer Jacob Jørgensen from Calles Rock Corner  gave our upcoming debut album a listen and awarded a grand 6 out of 6 stars in this ‘Hollow Mirror’ review!

“It’s a very dreamy and strong release, that brings you into different moods. It’s an exciting journey listening to this album”

“Beauty interrupted by brutality”

“Definitely a band I will follow in the future!”

Thank you so much!

Article in Danish


Enter the theatrical metal experience at this one of a kind acoustic concert with special guests, celebrating the release of Hollow Mirror.
We have merch, a signature drink, visual surprises and just a really good party waiting for you this evening.
You are invited! Join us!
🔸11th of October – Ethereal Kingdoms “Hollow Mirror” Release Fest + Koncert – Zeppelin Rock Bar


‘Hollow Mirror’ has been well received by the press already:
Metal Temple – 8 of 10 stars – “A perfect balance of brightness and darkness”
Musica.be – 82/100 score – “A complete range of voices”
Lords of Metal – 7.7 of 10 stars – “A very deserving debut”

Ethereal Kingdoms – Distance
A story of breaking the unbreakable. Beautiful cover artwork by illustrator Anna Holm
Mighty Music 2019

‘Hollow Mirror’ is out 11th of October 2019 via Mighty Music.
You can pre-order it already now and be among the first to explore the 9 new stories on our critically acclaimed album.





🔸Pre-add Hollow Mirror to your streaming service of choice:

Metallian magazine interview

Ethereal Kingdoms is featured on the front page of Metallian, the largest French language metal magazine. Interview about Hollow Mirror inside.

Metallian – the largest French language metal mag – have honored us with our very first foreign print magazine feature! And our name even made it to the front page!

The editors reached out to us for an exciting interview about Hollow Mirror, our music and our creative process. Christian and Sofia goes into detail about the theatrical aspect of our music and the concept behind the stories on our very first album. We also talk about our inspirations and dreams.

Read it in in this September/October issue.

Ethereal Kingdoms Metallian interview sep/oc 2019. Full page magazine spread interview with symphonic metal band Ethereal Kingdoms. Mighty Music 2019.
Metallian Magazine honored us with this full page magazine spread for this interview!

We are featured alongside our heroes of Jinjer, Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage and our Mighty Music label mates Tygers of Pan Tang and Blood Red Throne.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Besides this interview, Metallian also awarded Hollow Mirror a grand 5/6 stars in their review of our debut album!

Other magazines have shared their thoughts about our music as well:
‘A perfect balance of brightness and darkness’ – Metal Temple
‘A very deserving debut’ – Arrow Lords of Metal
‘A complete range of voices’ – musica.be

Have you entered the theatrical metal experience yet?
Have you dared to step into Hollow Mirror?
Get a glimpse into our soundscape with our three first singles:
Heartchamber EndingsDistance
Three stories of torn fates, bitter hopes, loss, love and unbreakable bonds.

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