“What a voice!” – live at Byhaven, Pumpehuset

Ethereal Kingdoms live christian haystack rasmussen guitarist

★★★★★★★★☆☆ for our first live show since the lockdown from MODGIFT! We joined our MIGHTY MUSIC label mates WAYWARD DAWN and CHRONICLE for our very first open-air experience.
A wonderful night with new faces, old friends and so much pent up energy to be released

Ethereal Kingdoms live byhaven guest vocalist Darnell boddie and Sofia schmidt by nikolaj bransholm
Special guest vocalist Darnell Boddie lifted our arrangements with his characteristic countertenor vocals. He’s been a part of The Kingdom Choir, our own vocal ensemble, since its formation in 2019.
Portrait by Nikolaj Bransholm

Mighty Music presents…

Our record label Mighty Music presented this open air showcase night, that according to Modgift was a

“Great great evening, that brings renewed hope for the ‘return’ of live music”

The reviewer continues with the following remarks:

Sofia Schmidt’s performance fronting Ethereal Kingdoms, really lifts the level of the band.

When she enters the stage, she (…) is a vocalist of absolute format. What a voice she has.

Not only Sofia’s voice and performance, but the songs of our 2019 debut album Hollow Mirror made an impression on this metal journalist:

(…) they can write some very catchy music in this band.
(…) their album from last year have really grown on me and after this night, the same goes for the live performance.

Ethereal KingdomsWayward DawnChronicle(Livekoncert)Byhaven Pumpehuset 30.07.2020Anmeldt af @Andreas…

Slået op af ModgiftSøndag den 2. august 2020

Thank you MODGIFT for this lovely account of a wonderful evening at BYHAVEN.

We cannot wait to be back on stage with our next shows at NÆSTVED METALFEST and XAON/SUNLESS DAWN/ETHEREAL KINGDOMS/LAMENTARI

Follow our next shows on our website or on our social media accounts.

Our first Vlog! SLAY HOME SLAY SAFE behind the scenes

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Ethereal Kingdoms?
Peek behind the curtain in our very fist vlog. Sofia takes you backstage at the SLAY HOME SLAY SAFE festival in this 10 minute storytime vlog with exclusive footage and insights into the process before the show.

Video is in danish, but subtitles are available in English as well.

Subscribe to our youtube channel for more exclusive updates, behind the scenes and more in the future.

Podcast interview with Den Tunge Radio – SLAY HOME SLAY SAFE livestream festival special

After the show at SLAY HOME SLAY SAFE, our vocalist SOFIA had a talk with DEN TUNGE RADIO. Live and raw from the backstage lounge at FORBRÆNDINGEN, we talk about the visual and theatrical elements of Ethereal Kingdoms, how to deal with being a band during a pandemic and what’s next for Ethereal Kingdoms.

Listen to DEN TUNGE TIME podcast interview with SOFIA and KASPER BEHRENDT. Interview in Danish only.

A complete universe

How does it feel to play again, but without an audience?

“Being back on stage is like an out of body experience!”


“A concert is a transformative space, a symbiosis between the audience and the performing artist. Suddenly, I can’t see and feel the audience. It feels like we play more internally with each other in the band like this.”

Ethereal Kingdoms live at slay home slay safe festival. Sofia Schmidt lead singer. Portrait by Nikolaj Bransholm
The visual aspects of Ethereal Kingdoms serve to enhance the storytelling and create a believable universe.

KASPER asked about the importance of the visual elements in Ethereal Kingdoms live performances:

“It’s like a complete aesthetic. (…) We have a theatre theme, so we incorporate those elements. We use video backdrops, light design (…) We create a universe you can enter. The music can of course exist on its own. When I watch a concert, I want to see something larger than life. The visuals make the story clearer”


“Music and art can be a place of escape in this time, where ____ (…) we try to create such a space, which people can enter.”

– Sofia Schmidt

Explore DEN TUNGE RADIO on Facebook, Instagram and Mixcloud

In 2019, Sofia also visited the studio of DEN TUNGE RADIO for a Symphonic metal special show. Find it in the archives here:

Corona story: Sofia speaks with DEMON REPORTS

Ethereal Kingdoms live at slay home slay safe festival. Sofia Schmidt lead singer. Portrait by Nikolaj Bransholm

How do you go from playing shows to being stuck indoors? How do you deal with your entire industry being on lockdown along with the rest of the world? What’s the next move for a band under these circumstances?
Vocalist SOFIA SCHMIDT spoke with reporter VLADIMIR CINCOVIC from DEMON REPORTS about life and livemusic during the ongoing corona crisis.

Ethereal Kingdoms Sofia Schmidt vocalist interview corona covid-19 lockdown
Sofia works as a singer and vocal teacher and studies classical vocals when she’s not in Ethereal Kingdoms. Portrait by Mathilde Maria Rønshof.

In this interview, Vladimir and Sofia talks about priorities and how to deal with missing the live feeling and your loved ones.

”Playing live and being close to those I love is equally rewarding in two distinct fields. (…) If I have to pick one, I would have to pick giving my loved ones the longest hug in the world!”

Ethereal Kingdoms live at slay home slay safe festival. Sofia Schmidt lead singer. Portrait by Nikolaj Bransholm
Portrait by Nikolaj Bransholm from our performance at livestream festival Slay Home – Slay Safe

Sofia shares her survival tips on how she didn’t go crazy during the lockdown period.

Try to stay sane by working on that painting you always meant to draw or learning to cook really well, work out or even play an instrument.

-Sofia Schmidt, DEMON REPORTS interview

The interview also touches upon the subject of livestream festivals and how live-streaming could affect the future of music:

”It’s a nice way to connect with your audience and to experience a live performance from your living room. I can definitely see this being a thing in the future too, combining live shows with streaming tickets for those who cannot attend for one reason or another just like the Olympic Games or eurovision or whatever. We have done one stream event and are already scheduled for the next and we can’t wait to perform again! some of our friends played at Nordic Noise Streaming For Vengeance, a streamed version of the Danish Nordic Noise festival. Of course, it was not like “the real thing” at a venue, but it was damn good!”

-Sofia Schmidt, DEMON REPORTS interview

Sofia also shares some playlist recommendations, that you can find here on her personal Spotify playlist:

Read the interview in full on the DEMON REPORTS website.

Slay Home Slay Safe | Livestream festival

Slay Home - Slay Safe streaming festival by metalized and heavymetaldk. With Hatesphere, Cabal, Artillery, Møl, Solbrud, Orm, Lamentari, Ethereal Kingdoms

Slay Home – Slay Safe
2-day streaming festival

June 19th and June 20th 2020

With HateSphere, MØL, Artillery, Solbrud, Cabal, Lamentari, Orm
Live from Forbrændingen, Albertslund


Join us for a free streaming event during the Copenhell weekend
Arranged by the editors of Metalized and Heavymetal.dk, a hard-hitting lineup of danish only bands is brought straight to your living room.

Tune in via Twitch TV:

Slay Home Slay Safe. 2 day live streaming festival with Artillery, HateSphere, Solbrud, Orm, Lamentari, Ethereal Kingdoms, MØL, Cabal

Slay Home Slay Safe is not our first livestream event. We created a show with Gixter.dk straight from our rehearsal room on may 1st.
We will also return to Forbrændingen with Xaon, Sunless Dawn and Lamentari in October 2020 for our postponed concert.

Our last show before the lockdown was our concert at Udlejre Kirke. A sold-out special musical experience with organ, choir and flute soloists, created in collaboration with Lukas Rostgaard Hartvig of The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

We won’t bring a church organ to this show (even though we would if we could!). Instead, our unbridled intensity and pent-up energy from the covid-19 lockdown will be unleashed straight into your living rooms with this festival!

Slay home slay safe livestream ethereal kingdoms
Portrait by Skoett Photography from our night with Wintersun

“A Copenhell replacement”

The culture pages of the mainstream print media has picked up on this news as well. POLITIKEN featured SHSS in their culture section iByen as a “Copenhell replacement” event.

Slay home slay safe is featured in Politiken iByen as a Copenhell replacement
POLITIKEN knows how to add metal to your weekend!

Renowned GAFFA has also mentioned this arrangement, sharing the arrangers’ wish to give something back to the metal community in the wake of numerous cancellations due to Covid-19.

Interview radio feature

DEN TUNGE RADIO spoke with SOFIA right after the show at Forbrændingen in the backstage lounge.
Journalist KASPER BEHRENDT talked with our lead vocal about how it feels to play a livestream show, the visual aspects of our performance and how to manage life as an artist in general during a pandemic.

SOFIA spoke with KASPER BEHRENDT after our show at SLAY HOME SLAY SAFE.

GIXTER online festival | Livestream concert

Ethereal Kingdoms livestream

Gixter Online Festival

Livestream from our rehearsal room


You are invited to join us in our rehearsal room for our very first live streamed performance, brought to you by Gixter
Enjoy a raw, personal and up-close experience of our theatrical metal universe, May 1st at 19:00 GMT+1

A personal and different version of our symphonic metal universe.
The show is free, and signed copies of our Hollow Mirror debut album on Vinyl and CD will be available, as well as a small raffle in the comments section.

Tune in on our facebook livestream
Friday May 1st 2020 at 19:00 GMT+1

One camera. One take. Up close and personal. Enter our rehearsal room. This is our universe. Live concert straight out of our rehearsal room. May 1st 2020 Videography: Mikkelsen-PhotoSupport our musical journey and enchant your wardrobe as well as well as your record collection here: http://etherealkingdoms.com/shop/

Slået op af Ethereal Kingdoms i Fredag den 1. maj 2020

Beginnings live playthrough video

Ethereal Kingdoms beginnings live full band playthrough

Join us in our rehearsal room for our very first full band live playthrough video.
For this live session of Beginnings, we invited our good friend, outstanding violinist and singer Amalie Skriver.

Beginnings – Full band live playthrough with Amalie Skriver.
Watch now on the official Mighty Music youtube channel.

The theatrical metal experience – behind the curtain

We wanted to share the energy we experience in our rehearsal room and invite you to feel what happens behind the stage curtains of Ethereal Kingdoms.
This video has a more low-key feeling compared to the character of our live shows, providing an intimate and personal experience of the dynamics in our little theatrical metal ensemble.

Capturing the spontaneous fun while still creating a visually interesting outcome was easier than it sounded. With some lights, coffee, cookies and a bit of additional sound adjustments, we got right into the feeling as the camera started rolling.

Ethereal Kingdoms live band playthrough

With a little help from our friends

Our good friend Christoffer Valentin Hildebrandt helped out with the mix and production of the audio tracks.
He created the majestic soundscape of his band SUNLESS DAWN‘s critically acclaimed debut album “TIMEWEAVER”. If you’re into progressive metal, definitely check it out!

Video was filmed by Alexander Petrovich Birk, who also documented our performance with WINTERSUN in 2019. An absolute joy to work with the guy again.

Ethereal Kingdoms beginnings full band live playthrough behind the scenes. Camera operator Alexander Petrovich Birk captured the fun and spontaneous energy of this evening in our rehearsal room
Camera operator Alexander Petrovich Birk captured the fun and spontaneous energy of this evening in our rehearsal room

With some editing magic, Sofia brought it all together at her little workspace-corner in our rehearsal room.

Ethereal kingdoms beginnings live version editing

A special guest

Amalie Skriver is not only featured in this live session. She is a strong presence on our 2019 debut album Hollow Mirror.

She appears with her emotive solo violin and otherworldly backing vocals on most of the tracks. Amalie has also joined us at our special theatrical performances at NORDIC NOISE FESTIVAL, FINNTROLL SUPPORT, and latest at our WINTERSUN support show in 2019.

Ethereal Kingdoms featuring violinist Amalie Skriver

The story of Beginnings

On Hollow Mirror, every song is a story of its own, with veins and ties reaching across the tracks and combining into a larger overlying narrative.
Beginnings is the counterpart for our 2019 single Endings. Together, they tell the story of blind hope and bitter consequences. They are also related to the story of Heartchamber, which acts as a prequel for the events unfolding in the two songs.

If you look closely at the background of our video, you will notice our stage backdrops having the imagery of the characters from the artwork for Beginnings and Endings, but in a ghostly, incorporeal form.

Hear the story of Endings here, with this beautiful lyric video created by Scott Rudd, featuring Anna Holms enchanting artwork:

CANCELLED – Xaon | Sunless Dawn | Ethereal Kingdoms | Lamentari

Xaon Sunless Dawn Ethereal Kingdoms Lametari Forbrændingen Heavymetaldk

9th of October 2020

Vognporten 11
2620 Albertslund


Doors: 18.00

Swiss progressive death metal mastodons XAON return to Denmark for a night of wonder, magic and complexity at FORBRÆNDINGEN in Albertslund, Copenhagen.

In the company of WACKEN METAL BATTLE DENMARK 2015 winners SUNLESS DAWN, we bring our finest songs to this show.
We will also have a special collaboration between Sunless Dawn and Ethereal Kingdoms at this performance.

New symphonic black metal band LAMENTARI joins this show, unleashing their critically acclaimed debut EP f live this night.

Ethereal Kingdoms live
Portrait by Mikkelsen-Photo for Metal A Day || Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019

XAON’s 2019 album SOLIPSIS made it onto our “Sounds of the Kingdoms” Spotify playlist, a handpicked selection of songs that inspire, delight and fascinate us. Vocalist Sofia especially is a big fan of this band.

CANCELLED – Næstved Metalfest

Ethereal Kingdoms live at NÆSTVED METALFEST
September 4th & 5th

Næstved Metalfest – KONGEBRYG
Kasernevej 21, 4700 Næstved , Denmark


Doors: 14:00
Concert: 15:30

Running order available now

Næstved Metalfest 2020 full lineup
Ethereal kingdoms næstved metalfest 2020 lineup kongebryg

For our first show ever in NÆSTVED, we enter NÆSTVED METALFEST. Arranged by MIGHTY MUSIC, we are in the grand company of legendary BAEST, HATESPHERE, WITHERING SURFACE, DAWN OF DEMISE, WAYWARD DAWN and more!
The venue KONGEBRYG will set a raw and intense frame around our stories, which we will unleash in an unbridled and furious format at an open air experience.

Our vocalist SOFIA SCHMIDT spend her teenage years creating music and culture in the city of NÆSTVED, and have spent many after-school hours at co-sponsor NÆSTVED UNGDOMSSKOLE, so it will be an evening with a nostalgic return.
She and drummer JON ELMQUIST played their first ever open-air festival show at the ROCK PÅ MUNKEN 2 event and SKULL SMASH FESTIVAL back in the early 2010’s with their now-defunct melodeath project BLAZE OF BARBAROID.


Press statement in Danish 🇩🇰

I 2019 slog Næstved Metalfest for første gang dørene op til den største og tungeste metalfestival syd for København. Allerede 14 dage før selve festivalen, kunne vi melde alt udsolgt!
Til august gør vi det igen, bare endnu større!

I stedet for én dag, tager vi to dage i brug og dermed lukker vi også op for dobbelt så mange gæster som sidste år. D. 28 & 29 august 2020 går det løs, denne gang med endnu flere bands.

JIMMY NIELSEN medarrangør, udtaler:
“Jeg kan simpelthen ikke vente med at præsentere den endelige plakat for Næstved Metalfest 2020. Jeg synes selv vi har samlet nogle enormt fede bands til denne festival som favner bredt, rent musikalsk og at vi allerede i år kigger ud over landegrænsen. Både Michael (H. Andersen) og jeg er helt på røven over den enorme opbakning og modtagelse der har været af vores lille hjertebarn. Den havde vi ikke helt set komme, men det viser bare at metaltrætheden har trænge kår, når det kommer til musikgenren og at dansk metalmusik er i voldsom vækst. Nu håber vi bare at det smitter af på scenen i Næstved, så næste generation af bangers kan steppe op og vise kronen & nøglerne”.

Næstved Metalfest 2020 finder sted D. 28 & 29 august 2020 på Kongebryg. Der er lagt i ovnen til en stor oplevelse i det Sydsjællandske med de rustikke faciliteter hos det populære lokale bryggeri og spillested. Der vil således både være brygget specielt øl til lejligheden og være et stort udbud af boder med mad, drikke og merchandise.

Der arrangeres bustur fra København til Næstved Metalfest i samarbejde med Club Dark. Den oplagte mulighed for få en på opleveren uden for Hovedstaden. Bustur t/r fra Zeppelin Rock Bar på Vesterbro Torv til et af Danmarks bedste bryggerier med metalkoncerter oveni hatten, alt sammen i de smukke omgivelserne omkring den gamle Gardehusar kaserne.

Hollow Mirror is a 2019 favourite

Hollow Mirror is a 2019 favourite, making it onto multiple best metal album 2019 lists

2019 marked the release year of Hollow Mirror, our debut album.
In addition to beaming reviews, we are honoured to have made it onto the best 2019 metal album highlights of two journalists from danish METALIZED MAGAZINE, the top 2019 list from METAL REVOLUTION and both an album and concert performance top mention from METAL A DAY.

HELLE LOYCHE of METALIZED, who awarded Hollow Mirror a 10/10 review and whom we talked to about the creative process of ETHEREAL KINGDOMS, added us on her personal top 10 alongside bands like AVANTASIA, DEVIN TOWNSEND, BERSÆRK and many others. Thank you so much Helle!

“We gotta have at least one more Danish band on the list. We might not be able to play soccer or tennis, but we damn well know how to make metal!”

Helle Loyche, Metalizex

Journalist CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN of METALIZED, included Hollow Mirror in the “honourable mentions” of his top albums of 2019, in good company with our WACKEN METAL BATTLE DENMARK friends XENOBLIGHT, our DIRTY DAYS OF SUMMER buddies FOREVER STILL and many other amazing bands!

Journalist MIA HALL of METAL REVOLUTION added our collection of 9 ghost stories to her personal top playlist 10 for this year, citing

“An album that captures you from the very first song until the last”

Mia Hall, Metal Revolution
Ethereal Kingdoms debut album Hollow Mirror is featured on Metal Revolution Mia Hall's top 10 of 2019 list.
METAL REVOLUTION‘s MIA HALL added Hollow Mirror to her top 10 of 2019 releases.

She previously awarded Hollow Mirror 5/5 stars for RAVEN ROCK SITE.

Journalist MADS PRISTED included not only HOLLOW MIRROR but also our WINTERSUN support theatrical performance in his 2019 highlights, citing:

“Beware, abroad! Here comes the next big starts from little Denmark! Hollow Mirror is capable of a lot of things for a debut album. It’s great to see a band unafraid of grandiose ambitions and big dreams!”

Mads Pristed, Metal A Day

“Ethereal Kingdoms’ theatrical show almost matched the complex compositions of Wintersun”

Mads Pristed, Metal A Day

He previously reviewed our debut album, where he highlighted the storytelling aspects of our first collection of stories.

Sold out headliner show at Udlejre Kirke

Ethereal Kingdoms udlejre kirke koncert vinterkoncert 21 februar 2020

Ethereal Kingdoms Udlejre Kirke – a musical total experience at Udlejre Church.

Our special total music experience at Udlejre kirke church in Ølstykke is sold out, just 16 days after we published the event.

180 people will enter the beautiful architecture of the unique church, where we incorporate the organ, The Kingdom Choir and flute soloist Lærke Krarup in bringing our stories from Hollow Mirror to life.

Enter out theatrical metal experience at our next shows.
Facebook event

Ethereal Kingdoms udlejre kirke koncert vinterkoncert 21 februar 2020

Ethereal Kingdoms creates a total musical experience at Udlejre Kirke

Ethereal Kingdoms presents a musical total experience in Udlejre Church
The critically acclaimed band experiments in the intersection between classical, metal and theatre concert in an intense, contrasting and emotional show, featuring the church’s beautiful organ.

The stories are brought to live exclusively by The Kingdom Choir, the church’s organ and special guest soloists in concord and contrast with roaring drums, elegant guitar lines and Sofia Schmidt’s characteristic soprano notes and low growls

The concert program consists of works from the critically acclaimed debut album Hollow Mirror (Mighty Music 2019) and two new pieces of music composed specifically for this concert experience.

Surrender. Let yourself be surprised, overwhelmed and full of wonder when Ethereal Kingdoms opens the doors to their beautiful and strange universe.

SOLD OUT – Ethereal Kingdoms live at Udlejre Church

Ethereal Kingdoms udlejre kirke koncert vinterkoncert 21 februar 2020

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Udlejre church
February 21st 2002

Udlejre Kirke
Ørnebjergvej 7, 3560 Ølstykke, Copenhagen

Doors 19.00
Concert: 20.00
Reception with wine after the show

Free admission
Limited seats, please reserve your ticket here

Ethereal Kingdoms live concert
Potrait by Johnny Fravn // Metaltone.dk


Ethereal Kingdoms presents a musical total experience in Udlejre Church
The critically acclaimed band experiments in the intersection between classical, metal and theatre concert in an intense, contrasting and emotional show, featuring the church’s beautiful organ.

The stories are brought to live exclusively by The Kingdom Choir, the church’s organ and special guest soloists in concord and contrast with roaring drums, elegant guitar lines and Sofia Schmidt’s characteristic soprano notes and low growls

The concert program consists of works from the critically acclaimed debut album Hollow Mirror (Mighty Music 2019) and two new pieces of music composed specifically for this concert experience.

Surrender. Let yourself be surprised, overwhelmed and full of wonder when Ethereal Kingdoms opens the doors to their beautiful and strange universe.



01. Hollow light
New composition for organ and vocal ensemble
with organist Karsten Kristensen and The Kingdom Choir

02. Distance


03. Ashes within
With flute soloist Lærke Krarup, Karsten Kristensen and The Kingdom Choir

04. Silent dance
with flute soloist Lærke Krarup and The Kingdom Choir


05. My Kantele – Amorphis cover
With flute soloist Lærke Krarup, Karsten Kristensen and The Kingdom Choir

06. Lumisade
New composition for bouzouki, frame drum, electric bass and vocals for this concert

07. Heartchamber – semi-acoustic version
with flute soloist Lærke Krarup, Christian Haystack Rasmussen on Bouzuki and Jon Elmquist on frame drum.

08. Quando Corpus Morietur & Amen
12th movement from G. B. Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater
Soprano: Sofia Schmidt
Contratenor: Darnell Boddie
Organist: Karsten & Simone Kristensen
as well as the Ethereal Kingdoms metal ensemble for the “Amen” passage

09. Hollow light – reprise
with organist Karsten Kristensen


Facebook event
Egedal lokalavis
Egedal lokalavis 2
Vores Egedal

Tornvang Open Air 2020

Tornvang open air 2020

Ethereal Kingdoms live at TORNVANG OPEN AIR
August 21st/22nd 2020

Tornvang Open Air festival
Lunkærvej 1, 8500 Gjerrild, Århus, Denmark

With Shadowspawn, Anoxia, Demolixer, Archangel, Herezy and more TBA

Doors: TBA
Concert: TBA

250,- DKKR|Billetten.dk


Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun anniversary show support. Gimle 2019
Portrait by Skoett Photography

We unleash our universe at our very first open air performance.
Tornvang festival writes:

“The band creates grandiose and pompous metal with a taste for the melodic, but at the same time balancing a harder and more direct edge.
The band released the album “HOLLOW MIRROR” via MIGHTY MUSIC. The album received good reviews and Ethereal Kingdoms will without a doubt give the audience or TORNVANG a taste of how the songs work live as well.

If you add their highly original and almost theatrical stage performance, you can definitely expect a memorable experience at the festival, when the band enters the stage!”

Explore our upcoming shows or read about others’ experience in our live review section.

Best European Metal Bands features Ethereal Kingdoms

Ethereal Kingdoms Heartchamber featured in best european metal bands compilation by European Metal Channel

Spanish-based European Metal Channel featured Ethereal Kingdoms very first single and music video “Heartchamber” in their 145th “Best European Metal Bands” compilation.

Focusing on releases from October 2019, this song from Hollow Mirror made it onto their list. We are in good company with bands from all over the EU!

European Metal Channel has a collection of “Best European Metal Bands” for you to explore on their YouTube as well as on their website.

Watch or rediscover the story of Heartchamber – a beautiful bittersweet story of love and loss.

The song features award winning singer-songwriter Amalie Skriver on harmony vocals. The torn lovers in the story is portrayed by our lovely flute soloist Lærke Krarup and our good friend actor and athlete Magni Hansen.

We created the video with the joined forces of videographer Anders Mikkelsen (who also filmed this ‘Endings’ vocal playthrough video) and the brilliant editors at MindSpark Films:

Did you know that Sofia and Christian wrote the song for their participation in the finals of Wacken Metal Battle Denmark back in 2018?
The story is linked to the songs “Beginnings” and “Endings”, which you can find on ‘Hollow Mirror’
Those three songs and the characters portrayed herein are therefore the core actors in the ghost stories on our debut album.

Udgårdsfest 2020 | CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

Udgårdsfest 2020 cancelled

Udgårdsfest 2020 – Denmark’s finest viking/pagan metal festival
21st/22nd of August 2020, Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
Early bird tickets available now:

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun support show at Gimle. Sofia Schmidt performing My Kantele by Amorphis in front of crowd.
Portrait by Skoett Photography

In the grand company of Unleashed, Varang Nord, Heidra, Einherjer and more to be announced.
Ethereal Kingdoms return to Pumpehuset in 2020
A very special night for us, as this was the venue we played our very first show and the Wacken Metal Battle Denmark 2018 Finals.

In celebration, we bring special surprises for this show!
You will experience the songs from Hollow Mirror with a uniquely scandinavian and nordic twist as we celebrate our roots at Udgårdsfest 2020.

Tickets are on sale now.

Get in the pagan mood with our cover of Amorphis’ My Kantele:

Ethereal Kingdoms – My Kantele – Amorphis cover
Featuring Sigurbodi Gretarson on hurdy gurdy and the sound of Sofia Schmidt’s 10-string Kantele
Udgårdsfest 2020 poster. Ethereal Kingdoms Unleashed Varang Nord Einherjer Heidra and more TBA.
Poster by Anna Holm Sørensen

Endings – Full vocal playthrough video

Ethereal Kingdoms Endings full vocal playthrough video out now on youtube

Earlier in November, we asked all of you which Ethereal Kingdoms song you would like to see a full vocal playthrough of.
You chose ‘Endings’, 5th song on Hollow Mirror.

Sofia and our video-genius friend Anders Groos Mikkelsen of Mikkelsen Photo, spent an evening creating this full vocal playthrough video:

The video was created in our newly re-decorated rehearsal room, which we share with our good friends and label-mates Vanir.
With three video lamps, two colored LED-bars, a dual-camera setup and some creative time in Final Cut Pro X, we created this clip for you.

Ethereal Kingdoms vocal playthrough of Endings from Hollow Mirror. Behind the scenes. Sofia Schmidt leaning agains microphone stand in rehearsal room.
Behind the scenes of Endings vocal playthrough video
Portrait by Mikkelsen-Photo

Sofia used the Shure SM7b vocal microphone for this recording, and all screams and growls for Hollow Mirror was actually recorded with this very setup.
Her clean vocals for the album was recorded in Wolf Rider Sound Productions studio. For this playtrhough though, everything is made on the SM7b, one of her absolute favorite pieces of equipment.

The studio version? It sounds like this, featuring The Kingdom Choir and an absolutely brilliant mix by Jakob Gundel of Gainfactory.
Watch or re-watch the stunning lyric video with artwork by Anna Holm brought to life by legendary Scott Rudd Films:

Which Ethereal Kingdoms vocal playthrough would you like to see next? Leave a comment or reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube!

Ashes within – Ethereal Kingdoms video live

Enter the theatrical metal experience.
Ashes within, the opening song of this Ethereal Kingdoms live performance is now shared with the world.
A raw, personal and intense recording from our performance with Wintersun, Seven Thorns and Faanefjell in Roskilde, Denmark, 30th of August.

“I search for beauty. For within me there is none”
Unpredictable beauty.
Unexpected brutality.
Enter the theatrical metal experience with this Ethereal Kingdoms live clip.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun support. Ashes within full live clip.
Sofia Schmidt and Jakob Holm of Ethereal Kingdoms
Portrait by Skoett Photography.

See upcoming show dates at the Show-section of our website or follow us on facebook, instagram and youtube for latest news from Ethereal Kingdoms.

Others who have entered the theatrical metal experience say the following:

“I witnessed something unique”
9 of 10 stars – Heavymetal.dk

“A show of the grandiose kind” –
4 of 5 stars – Metal A Day

“New pages in the history of this genre” – Heavymetal.it

“This band has a story to tell”
8 of 10 – Powerofmetal.dk

Explore our press archive

Hollow Mirror – 3 weeks on Spotify

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror CD

On October 11th we released our debut album Hollow Mirror
Now, (30th of august), less than three weeks later, we have already reached almost 9000 streams on Spotify alone.
Well past 2000 of you have entered the Hollow Mirror dreamscape on Spotify, and we are grateful for each and every stream.
Our stories are heard. Our words reach your heart.

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror spotify monthly listeners
Ethereal Kingdoms hollow mirror spotify all time streams

Thank you so much everyone who listen and explore our stories!
You make it possible for us to continue to create art and share our music.
Follow us on spotify, tell a friend, add a song to a playlist of yours – YOU make the whole difference!

Hollow Mirror out now

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror debut album cover.

We are thrilled to unveil Hollow Mirror.
A collection of 9 ghost stories rendered in a massive soundscape.

Featuring numerous guest musicians, this debut album is the largest undertaking in our career so far.

Our debut album is out now wordwide on vinyl, CD and digital via Mighty Music.

Enter Hollow Mirror on your streaming service of choice:

Journalists from around the world have already entered the theatrical metal experience.
This is their testimonials:

“You’re in for an experience” – 10 of 10 – Metalized
“Like going on a journey” – 5 of 5 – Raven Rock Site
“Almost near perfection” – 4 of 5 – Metal A Day
“Beauty interrupted by brutality” – 6 of 6 – Calles Rock Corner
“A perfect balance of brightness and darkness” – 8 of 10 – Metal Temple
“Each composition is a kingdom of its own” – 15 of 15 – Fireworks
“Dragged out of the comfort zone” – Legacy
“A complete range of voices” – 82 of 100 – Musica.be

Legacy magazine interview

Ethereal Kingdoms Legacy Magazine germany interview

Journalist Lukas Schärer of Legacy magazine reached out to us for an interview in their 122nd issue.
We talk about Hollow Mirror, our view on our unique take on symphonic metal, our show preparations for our Wintersun support show, our inspirations as well as our hopes and plans for the future.

Legacy magazine interview with Ethereal Kingdoms about Hollow Mirror debut album.
Legacy magazine interview with Ethereal Kingdoms.
This full-page feature is crowned by our band portrait by talented Mathilde Maria Rønshof

Excerpts from the interview:

“(creating Hollow Mirror, red.) was a very emotional and intense experience. We hope that this energy reaches the listener. We can not wait to share the album with the world.”

“We focus on the contrast between beauty and brutality.
If it’s only brutal, you get desensitized, it’s the twist that makes it interesting”

Sofia Schmidt, interview with Legacy Magazine

The theme of contrasts on Hollow Mirror is apparent, when we shift the topic towards our music video for Heartchamber:

“The video shows a love couple being torn apart. Both are recurrent characters on the album. We use quite brutal images, such as when the heart is ripped from the chest. It underscores the balance between the beautiful music and the rather gloomy lyric theme of loss and pain in the soul.”

Sofia Schmidt, interview with Legacy Magazine
Musicvideo for Heartchamber
Mighty Music 2019

We elaborate on the connection to our single Endings.

Read the entire feature of this Legacy Magazine interview in their issue no 122.
Besides this interview, you can also find a 12 of 15 scored review of Hollow Mirror in the magazine’s review section.

Explore other interviews and reviews in the archives here on our website.

Hollow Mirror is out 11th of October 2019 via Mighty Music on Vinyl, CD and digital. Pre-add and pre-order links can be found in the shop section the official Ethereal Kingdoms website.

‘Hollow Mirror’ acoustic release concert

Flute soloist Lærke Leth rehearsing with vocalist Sofia Schmidt for Ethereal Kingdoms Acoustic release concert.

In celebration of the release of our debut album Hollow Mirror
We have created a special night full of strange wonder and beauty
We play a one-of-a kind acoustic set with special guests
Enjoy the band’s signature ‘Sovereign’ drink
Contests, surprises and more! 
You are invited

Hollow Mirror release concert

11th of October 2019 
Doors: 19.30 
Showtime: 20.15
DJ’s, special surprises and more! 

Zeppelin Rock Bar, Vesterbrogade 45, Copenhagen

For this show, we will be joined by flute soloist Lærke Leth, viola soloist Hansi Andersen and The Kingdom Choir in a bit of a different configuration. This night, they will consist of Victoria Omberg, Oliver Svensson and Mads ‘Arpeggio’ Sørensen. All of these artists except Victoria took part in creating Hollow Mirror, so this will be a very special moment for us to unleash the strange beauty in an intimate acoustic setting.

Hollow Mirror has already enchanted reviewers and metal journalists across the world:
10 of 10 – “You’re in for an experience!” – Metalized
6 of 6 – “Beauty interrupted by brutality” – Calle’s Rock Corner
8 of 10 – “A perfect balance of brightness and darkness” – Metal Temple
4 of 5 – “Almost near perfection” – Metal A Day
82 of 100 – “A complete range of voices” – Musica.be
12 of 15 – Legacy Magazine
82 /100 – Fireworks Magazine

Metalized magazine interview

Ethereal Kingdoms live Wintersun support Mikkelsen Photo
Ethereal Kingdoms Metalized oktober/november 2019. Front page conver of metallized magazine, hollow mirror album review 10 of 10 and interview feature article with Ethereal Kingdoms.
Metalized – the oldest scandinavian printed metal magazine – reached out to us for an interview and an album review feature for the October/November issue!

How do you create a symphonic metal album from scratch?
What is life on the road like for Ethereal Kingdoms?
And what is it like to sign with Mighty Music less than a year after your debut EP?
We spoke to journalist Hell(e) in this Metalized magazine interview, the oldest metal and rock magazine in all of Scandinavia

Excerpts from the interview:

“We try to create the music we feel is missing out there. We draw our inspiration from a lot of different places, and always strive to create something extraordinary”

“For me (Sofia, red.) the growl is the 6th gear of my voice, it’s for when what I want to say can’t be said with intense high notes. I need to scream and roar it out, it’s a raw masculine energy that I like to work with in my voice”

“(Signing with Mighty Music, red.) has opened up a lot of opportunities to get our music out to those, who want to hear it”

“Especially live, we sometimes take big chances and experiment in the intersection between show and concert”

In this issue no 124, you will find a review of Hollow Mirror as well (10 of 10 stars, thank you so much!) as well as articles with Baest, Mayhem, Soren Andersen and many many more!

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Wintersun 15th anniversary special show with Amalie Skriver.
Ethereal Kingdoms live with special guest Amalie Skriver at Wintersun 15th anniversary show.
Photo by Mikkelsen-Photo for Metal a Day

We have also spoken with Metallian, the largest French metal magazine in print (and even made it to the frontpage of their September/October issue! Thank you so much!

Explore our universe at instagram, facebook, Spotify and youtube for more adventures in Ethereal Kingdoms.

Metallian magazine interview

Metallian – the largest French language metal mag – have honored us with our very first foreign print magazine feature! And our name even made it to the front page!

The editors reached out to us for an exciting interview about Hollow Mirror, our music and our creative process. Christian and Sofia goes into detail about the theatrical aspect of our music and the concept behind the stories on our very first album. We also talk about our inspirations and dreams.

Read it in in this September/October issue.

Ethereal Kingdoms Metallian interview sep/oc 2019. Full page magazine spread interview with symphonic metal band Ethereal Kingdoms. Mighty Music 2019.
Metallian Magazine honored us with this full page magazine spread for this interview!

We are featured alongside our heroes of Jinjer, Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage and our Mighty Music label mates Tygers of Pan Tang and Blood Red Throne.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Besides this interview, Metallian also awarded Hollow Mirror a grand 5/6 stars in their review of our debut album!

Ethereal Kingdoms is featured on the front page of Metallian, the largest French language metal magazine. Interview about Hollow Mirror inside.

Other magazines have shared their thoughts about our music as well:
‘A perfect balance of brightness and darkness’ – Metal Temple
‘A very deserving debut’ – Arrow Lords of Metal
‘A complete range of voices’ – musica.be

Have you entered the theatrical metal experience yet?
Have you dared to step into Hollow Mirror?
Get a glimpse into our soundscape with our three first singles:
Heartchamber EndingsDistance
Three stories of torn fates, bitter hopes, loss, love and unbreakable bonds.

Follow us on Spotify and be among the first to hear our new album

New single ‘Distance’

Ethereal Kingdoms Hollow Mirror Distance 01 Mighty Music Ethereal Kingdoms lyrics
Cover created by the incredible illustrator Anna Holm

A story of breaking the unbreakable.

Listen now on your favourite streaming service and pre-add our ‘Hollow Mirror’ album for free.

Distance – 3rd single from critically acclaimed debut album ‘Hollow Mirror’
Mighty Music 2019

Distance is the first track on our debut album ‘Hollow Mirror’
Various media have shared their thoughts about this collection of stories:
‘A perfect balance of brightness and darkness’ – Metal Temple
‘A complete range of voices’ – Musica.be
‘A very deserving debut’ – Arrow Lords of Metal

‘A show of the grandiose kind’ – Copenhagen Metal Fest live review

Ethereal Kingdoms live

Our intimate Copenhagen Metal Fest show gets ★★★★☆ from Metal-A-Day in this live review!

We were invited for the very first installment of Copenhagen Metal Fest. A festival celebrating danish metal culture and Heavymetal.dk‘s 20th anniversary on three renowned stages: Amager Bio, Beta2300 and Teater ZeBu.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt with bloody special effect. By Mikkelsen Photo for Metal A Day.

We’ve played both of the first stages at Nordic Noise and Dirty Days of Summer Festival, but we had yet to unleash our theatrical metal universe at at true, real theatre stage.
We got this opportunity when we were offered a slot at 21st of September 2019 at Teater ZeBu stage.

The reporter Anders Lundtang witnessed our performance, which included our new single ‘Distance‘:

“(…) you feel like you’re witnessing a show of the grandiose kind!”
“Not two of their shows are alike (…)”
“(…) you cannot be anything but impressed (…)”

-Anders Lundtang, Metal A Day

Explore other live reviews of Ethereal Kingdoms in our reviews section, where you can also find album reviews and more.

Outstanding portraits created by Anders Mikkelsen // Mikkelsen-Photo

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt. By Mikkelsen Photo for Metal A Day.
Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest. Vocalist Sofia Schmidt in stagelight. By Mikkelsen Photo for Metal A Day.

Our next show will be a special acoustic performance with unique guests.
🔸 11th of October – Ethereal Kingdoms “Hollow Mirror” Release Fest + Koncert – Acoustic special show  at Zeppelin Rock Bar 

Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019

Saturday the 21st of September, 19.45, Teater ZeBu, Denmark

★★★★☆ – “A show of the grandiose kind” – Metal A Day
“Impressive as always” – Devilution
“Deep growls, beautiful singing and screams in the same song” – Metaltone


Ashes within
Breathe again
My Kantele – Amorphis cover

Ethereal Kingdoms live review by metaladay.dk. Sofia Schmidt singing on stage at copenhagen metal fest 2019
Portrait by Mikkelsen Photo // Metal A Day
Portrait by Silverflame productions // Metalsirenerne
Ethereal Kingdoms live review metaladay.dk. Sofia Schmidt with bloody heart special effect at Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019
Sofia Schmidt in a moment of fury at Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019.

Portrait by Anders Groos Mikkelsen of Metal A Day

Copenhagen Metal Fest interview

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019

September 20th and 21st 2019 something new happened in the Danish metal scene. We were among the lineup for the very first installment of Copenhagen Metal Fest – a new festival focusing only on Danish metal bands.

Heavymetal.dk reached out to us for an interview before the show, where we talk about our inspirations, the state of the Danish music scene and how it feels to be part of starting up something entirely new.

Ethereal Kingdoms live at Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019. Portrait by Claus Ljørring.
Sofia Schmidt in a moment of bliss at Copenhagen Metal Fest 2019.
Portrait by Claus Ljørring for Heavymetal.dk

“We’re not afraid of taking chances and creating shows, that extend beyond just being a concert”

“Expect something intimate, something intense – with surprises! (…)
We’re playing on a theatre stage, (…) so there’s space for getting up close and personal when the intensity and emotions are peaking. “

“Our format is flexible. Theatrical metal can be a lot of things. We’re gonna have a blast regardless”

With Claus Ljørring for Heavymetal.dk

Read the rest of the interview at Heavymetal.dk, who have also awarded our debut album Hollow Mirror an 8/10 score in their latest review.

How did our intimate performance go at the dark theatre stage of ZeBu?
Three metal journalists shared their experience here:

“A show of the grandiose kind” – 4 of 5 stars – Metal A Day
“The vocals are impressive as always!” – Devilution.dk
“Impressive!” – Metaltone.dk

Wintersun 15th anniversary support

30th of August 2019, Gimle, Roskilde

Wintersun live 15th Anniversary special show (first show ever in Denmark) with Seven Thorns and Faanefjell 

Theatrical special show featuring The Kingdom Choir, Sigurbodi Gretarsson and Amalie Skriver, with special effects, lights and custom video backdrops.

Live Setlist

Act I

Act II


Royal Metal Fest 2019 – Special show

Ethereal Kingdoms Royal Metal Fest 2019

April 6th 2019, Radar, Århus

Special theatrical show featuring dancers, special effects, The Kingdom Choir and video projections. 
Backed by DMF, DAF and Metal Royale special grant for creating an extraordinary show for the festival. 

★★★★★★★★★☆ – “I witnessed something unique” – Heavymetal.dk

★★★★☆ – “Death, love and ghosts” – Metaltone.dk

★★★★☆ – “Refreshingly ambitious” – Revolution-inc.dk

Metal Royale Interview about show concept and performance before the show

Royal Metal Fest interview

Ethereal Kingdoms live at royal metal fest 2019 with dancers presenting hollow mirror songs.

Ethereal Kingdoms have been granted a very special time slot at Royal Metal Fest 2019. A unique opportunity to bring our theatrical metal visions to life. A space to experiment in the intersection between show and concert.

Each year, the Metal Royale Foundation, Dansk Musikerforbund and Dansk Artistforbund offer a grant for a band, that wants to do something extraordinary with their performance.

For 2019, we had the honor of being chosen – Showtime is 6th of April at 17.00 at the Radar venue at Royal Metal Fest.

Journalist Pernille Randrup reached out us to learn more.
We spoke about what’s happening behind the scenes, our ideas and concepts for the show and how to make ghosts come to live on stage.

“It’s not a concert, it’s not a musical, it’s not theatre. It’s something different where we think stage-oriented. A show”

“Ethereal Kingdoms is about experimenting in the intersection between show and concert. The balance between the grotesque and the beautiful. Contrasts, quick shifts, sudden flows.”

“We bring dancers to coporealize ghosts and (…) bring a choir to be a living part of the stage, to make everything more vivid – and it’s just nicer with live voices!”

“We’re experimenting with video backdrops and to assist in the lights we have Martin Lundholm, the light tech of MØL”

Article in Danish 🇩🇰

So how did the show play out?
Various media outlets witnessed our performance and shared their experiences here:

9 of 10 stars – “I witnessed something unique” – heavymetal.dk

4,5 of 5 stars – “Refreshingly ambitious” – Revolution Music

4 of 5 stars – “Death, love and ghosts” – metaltone.dk

Explore other interviews and learn more about our theatrical metal universe

Heavymetal.it interview

Sofia Schmidt live with Ethereal Kingdoms supporting Finntroll 2018

Finntroll. Sylvatica. Vanir.
A sold out venue. Special guests.
A broken violin.

That was the ingredients of Ethereal Kingdoms’ night supporting Finntroll at Gimle 21st of September 2018.

Fresh off stage with the adrenaline still rushing, Sofia spoke with journalist Davide Bonavida  of Heavymetal.it
In this very first italian magazine feature, they talk about musical influences for Ethereal Kingdoms, the creative process and performance.

Sofia Schmidt from Ethereal Kingdoms holding a broken violin at Finntroll support show at Gimle.
Sofia Schmidt with a shattered violin
Gimle at Finntroll support show 2018
Portrait by Gaia Micatovich

A few excerpts from the original interview in Italian 🇮🇹

“We wanted to create something unique that differentiates us, not just copy other bands. We don’t just make music, we create stories”

“I study as a classical singer (…) whereas Christian comes directly from death metal. The funny thing is that in our compositions it’s me who brings the chaotic part and the growling while he brings the nostalgic melodies.”

“(…) those who spend time listening to us cannot get that time back. So I want to make sure they have a good experience.”

“(…) you can’t wait for something to happen by itself, you have to do it yourself. We took initiative to organize this show. I contacted the club while Christian called the bands he already knew personally. (…) we needed a prominent name (…) so we contacted Finntroll, explaining our project and … they said yes. I could not believe it!”

Sofia Schmidt with Davide Bonavida for Heavymetal.it
Sofia Schmidt live with Ethereal Kingdoms supporting Finntroll 2018
Sofia Schmidt on the stage of Gimle at Finntroll support show 2018

Portrait by Gaia Micatovich

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with us, Heavymetal.it!

About the performance, the media said:

“They can write new pages in the history of this genre” – Heavymetal.it
“A sense for great melodies” – Blastbeast.dk

4 of 5 stars – “Flying pieces of a violin” – Metal A Day

Explore our performance of Endings from this night in this live video:

DEN TUNGE TIME | Interview with Sofia about the danish symphony metal scene

Den Tunge Radio – Symphonic metal special & Ethereal Kingdoms

Den Tunge Time – Ethereal Kingdoms og symfonisk metal tema – Podcast

60 minute radio show with special symphonic metal theme and interview with Ethereal Kingdoms vocalist SOFIA SCHMIDT about the Danish symphonic metal scene, her view on composition in the genre, the band’s recent signing with MIGHTY MUSIC and her unique vocal technique. 

Podcast in Danish only.

Den Tunge Time via Den Tunge Radio
Published: 9th of October 2018

Play now

Finntroll support

Ethereal Kingdoms Finntroll Support

September 21st 2018, Gimle, Roskilde
Finntroll support show with special guest Amalie Skriver

★★★★☆ – “You could risk getting pieces of a violin, which was shattered on stage, in the face, which only underlines the attention to detail in this orchestra ” – Metal A Day

“New pages in the history of the genre” – Heavymetal.it


Ethereal Kingdoms SPOT METAL 2018

10th of May 2018, TRAIN, Aarhus

SPOT Festival showcase in collaboration with MONO GOES METAL

With MØL, Slægt, Children, Unseen Faith and Konvent

Ethereal Kingdoms live at SPOT festival by Bransholm photography. Sofia Schmidt vocalist singer ethereal kingdoms