This is Ethereal Kingdoms

Ethereal Kingdoms live at SPOT festival by Bransholm photography. Sofia Schmidt vocalist singer ethereal kingdoms

Theatrical symphonic metal from Copenhagen.
Intricate orchestrations and aggressive riffs.
Unpredictable beauty and unexpected brutality.
One voice spanning the range from the highest soprano notes to the deepest growls.
Stories are created and torn apart in this soundscape.
This is Ethereal Kingdoms.

Live Shows

Ethereal Kingdoms live We Are The Catalyst Forever Still Dirty Days of Summer Beta2300

August 11th - Dirty Days of Summer - Copenhagen

We Are The Catalyst (SE) + Forever Still (DK) + Ethereal Kingdoms
Beta2300 - Øresundsvej 6, 2300 København
Tickets 175 kr at ticketmaster.dk
Facebook Event

Ethereal kingdoms finntroll vanir sylvatica gimle

September 21st - Roskilde - Gimle

Finntroll (FI) + Vanir + Sylvatica + Ethereal Kingdoms
Gimle - Helligkorsvej 2, 4000 Roskilde
Tickets 200 kr at Billetten.dk
Facebook Event

New singles
Beginnings & Endings

Ethereal Kingdoms new singles beginnings endings out now exclusively via blastbeast.dk

This is Beginnings and Endings.
A dual concept single release by theatrical symphonic metal band Ethereal Kingdoms.

The two songs paints a sonic portrait of a difficult situation between two people, where hope, frustration and bitter consequences follow from the beginning to the end.
Apart from the connective story, strong compositoric and auditive elements tie the two songs together or sever their worlds from each other.

The singles were released exclusively via blastbeast.dk.


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Ethereal Kingdoms band picture portrait lineup live 2018


Ethereal Kingdoms was formed in 2017 by Christian Rasmussen (The Vision Ablaze, Fall of Pantheon) and Sofia Schmidt (Blaze of Barbaroid), drawing inspirations from acts such as Wintersun, Kamelot, Amorphis, Sonata Arctica, following the nordic sound.

With contrasts as the keyword, the music explores the field of tension between catchy melodies, nostalgic vibes, headbangable riffs and the at times odd harmonic language and aggressive emotions.
Rendered in soundscapes ranging from wispy and frail to massive and overpowering, the different aspects of the compositions collide, dance and flow to create the sound which is Ethereal Kingdoms.

Schmidt’s musical-theatre inspired vocals span from emotive frailty over intense high notes to aggressive growls.
The vocal lines entwine the simple and clean with the odd and unpredictable to explore the dark lyrical themes of human emotion.

Elegant and intricate orchestrations, drawing inspiration from the classical tradition, strive towards giving each instrument their own unique identity with dancing woodwinds, theatrical strings and bombastic percussion. Recordings featuring real choir voices and solo violin lifts the arrangements and creates a larger-than-life presence within the musical product.

Rasmussens distinct, energetic guitar style sets a solid backbone in the musical structures, driving the auditive storm forward with speed, force and feeling.

Ethereal Kingdoms released their debut EP exclusively via Blastbeast.dk’s The New Shit on 1st of december 2017. The band played their debut concerts at The New Shit Showcase in Pumpehuset, Copenhagen and Atlas, Århus, January 2018, and was found at the finals of W:O:A Metal Battle Denmark as well as SPOT Festival.


Sofia Schmidt, Vocals, Ethereal Kingdoms

Sofia Schmidt

Vocals, lyrics, composition, orchestration

Schmidt brings musical-theatre inspired vocals, moody lyrics, weird harmonies and classically based orchestrations to the Kingdoms.

Broad performance experience spanning from classical music over melodeath  to musical theatre (Musicalteatret, Herlev Revy & Teater).

Studies musicology at University of Copenhagen and classical singing at Sjællands Kirkemusikskole.

She sometimes posts things on Instagram

Jakob Holm, Bass, Ethereal Kingdoms

Jakob Holm


Holm keep the bottom low and heavy with his tight and meticulous bass playing. His calm and stable aura is a powerful presence in the studio as well as on the stage 

Being both a guitarist and a bassist, he’s spanned a variety of styles and stages. From playing bass at party band gigs to wielding the guitar at Copenhell stage with Fall of Pantheon, Holm is an experienced gentleman, regardless of the number of strings between his hands.

Christian Rasmussen, guitar, Ethereal Kingdoms

Christian Rasmussen

Guitars, composition, arrangements

Rasmussen is in charge of guitars and heavy parts in the Kingdoms, as well as mixing and general tech stuff.

A writing style consiting of catchy hooks, aggressive riffs and memorable themes is strongly present in Ethereal Kingdoms.

Former guitarist of Fall of Pantheon and current guitarist in The Vision Ablaze.

Ethereal Kingdoms Drummer Jon Elmquist Schmidt

Jon Elmquist Schmidt


Elmquist brings his charachteristic style and groovy feeling into the drum backbone of Ethereal Kingdoms.

Well versed in the world of drumming, he’s explored anything from extreme metal (Banahogg) over black metal to melodeath (Blaze of Barbaroid) and popmusic.

Energetic blasts, inventive fills and an absolutely unstoppable stage energy is Elmquist’s trademark.

Christian Christiansen, guitar, Ethereal Kingdoms

Christian Christiansen


Christiansen brings a blast of energetic and elegant string playing to the sound.

Well-versed in the world of guitars and various types of metal, Christiansen’s distinct style can be found in Sylvatica and Dreadlord.

Press Mentions

devilution ethereal kingdoms

Devilution.dk - Morgendagens Stjerner - Interview

Interview in connection to Wacken Metal Battle Denmark 2018

“I vores take på symfonisk metal kan man både få lov til at svæve oven på skønne violinpassager med englestemme og skrige helt nede fra bunden af hjertet, mens tunge riffs kommer væltende ind over dig.“

“Generelt er det det store, dramatiske, udtryksfulde lydbillede, der er idealet, samtidig med at der godt må være nogle strukturelle elementer, der tager røven på én og overrasker. [...] En af vores store drømme er at kunne spille shows med et symfoniorkester i stedet for backingtrack. [...] ”

“Vi går efter drømmene ved at sætte meget konkrete målsætninger og deadlines for os selv. Vi arbejder, til det er færdigt, og stopper ikke før. Det hele handler om at arbejde igennem og også gerne være lidt opfindsom. Inden for musik er intet umuligt, man har bare ikke fået øje på løsningen endnu."

By: Adriana Zak
Published: 23rd of March 2018

Heavymetal.dk anmeldelse Ethereal Kingdoms

Heavymetal.dk - Detektoren - EP review

Review of debut EP

“Ethereal Kingdoms har alt det talent og al den dygtighed, som skal til for at kunne blive Danmarks største band indenfor genren. “

“Den operaagtige stil, som man kender fra både Nightwish og Within Temptation, er straks at høre, og den nailer [Sofia Schmidt] perfekt.”

“Introen [på Paper Stars] med orkesteret og Sofias stemme er ganske smuk og sætter virkelig en fantastisk stemning. Et mere anonymt vers følger, men hold nu op, et stykke, der kommer bagefter. Den flerstemmige overgang er helt fænomenal og går lige i hjertet på denne anmelder! "

By: Carsten Bach
Published: 23rd of January 2018


Rockfreaks.net - The New Shit Pumpehuset - Review

Review of Blastbeast.dk Presents: The New Shit Showcase pt V, Pumpehuset, Copenhagen

“[...] Ethereal Kingdoms play through their debut concert with a great attitude that never gets too dramatic for the setup to follow through.”

“ Their lead singer [...] delivers some pretty impressive notes that also get some impromptu cheers in the middle of songs [...]"

"Other people smile a little overbearingly at the group's initial songs but everyone looks like they wake up properly when the singer goes on to add some solid growling to the mix as well. “

“[...] for a first show, they made everything on their end work well and I'm sure they have gotten some new fans who are eagerly looking forward to new music in the coming years. “

By: LL
Photo: Michael Hyldgaard Løgtholt
Concert: 6th of January 2018
Published: 12th of January 2018

Photo: mikkelsen-photo.com

Metal A Day - The New Shit Pumpehuset- Reportage

Reportage from Blastbeast.dk Presents: The New Shit Showcase pt V, Pumpehuset, Copenhagen

"Overraskede mange mennesker. [...] Syret at se en så lille pige lyde så brutal."

"Frisk pust på den danske symfoniske scene (hvis ikke starten på den danske symf-metal-scene"

By: Anders Mikkelsen
Photo: mikkelsen-photo.com
Concert: 6th of January 2018
Published: 11th of January 2018

Photo: Jacob Dinesen for Devilution

Devilution - The New Shit Pumpehuset - Anmeldelse

Review of Blastbeast.dk Presents: The New Shit Showcase pt V, Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
Score: 3/5

"[...] den rene vokal fra Sofia Schmidt gav hints til Nightwish og Within Temptation. Men der var også takter fra noget mere kaotisk og ondt, og her kom Sofia Schmidt også med brutal vokal, både growls og nogle formidable hysteriske skrig."

"Det var specielt skiftene fra de pæne passager til disse hidsige sager, der gjorde Ethereal Kingdoms til en interessant oplevelse."

"[...] en solid indsats og bestemt godkendt som debut."

By: Casper Willumsen
Photo: Jacob Dinesen
Concert: 6th of January 2018
Published: 10th of January 2018

Den tunge time

Den Tunge Time - Podcast

"Et band man på ingen måde forbinder med den danske scene"

"Rigtigt gode takter på EP'en. Lidt Epica møder Wintersun - krydret med lidt poppet Nightwish."

With: Kasper Behrendt, Søren Pedersen and Søren Weiss
Published: 2nd of January 2018


DR P6 - Sort Søndag - Podcast

"Allerede navnet - det er episk!"

"Det er ikke tit man hører den type musik lavet i Danmark (...) slet ikke på det her niveau, hvor det er et nyt band (...) "

With: Anders Bøtter and Søren Weiss
Published: 17th of December 2017


Blastbeast.dk - The New Shit December 2017

"(...) Friske vinde blæser over den danske metalscene og med dette The New Shit navn har vi glædet os til at løfte sløret for et band, der spiller en stil, som vi på ingen måde forbinder med Danmark og danske metalbands (...) "

By: Søren Weiss
Published: 1st of December 2017

Production Credits

Our crew is at the backbone of Ethereal Kingdoms. Meet the people behind the stage here.

Anna Holm Sørensen Ethereal Kingdoms artist drawing album cover artwork tshirt

Single Covers and T-shirt design - Anna Holm Sørensen

The covers for 'Beginnings' and 'Endings' was created by the talented Anna Holm Sørensen. Her eye for detail and great conceptualization skills created the visual backbone for our first t-shirt and our dual concept single release.

Anna paints and draws in a beautifully vivid and diverse style, ranging from classical drawing across digital painting to nordic and dark inspired artworks.

For album artwork, tattoo designs or something entirely else, enquiries go to:
AHS Illustration on Instagram

Malik Sigrist

Album cover art - Malik Sigrist

The album cover art of our debut EP was envisioned and brought to life by the incredible Malik Sigrist. When he's not dreaming up fantastical worlds for Ethereal Kingdoms, he's studying at The Animation Workshop in Viborg.

You can find more of his colorful paintings and concepts here:

Casper reenberg pedersen ethereal kingdoms roadie live crew

Roadie and stagehand - Casper Reenberg Pedersen

Casper is our friendly roadie, who is always ready to carry things, iron shirts, plug in cables and help Jon set up his drums.
You can find him at the venue operating our video backdrops, rolling up cables or headbanging furiously to one of the other bands.

Anders Mikkelsen

Photography and Video - Anders Mikkelsen

Anders Mikkelsen is a man with a sharp sense of dress and an even sharper eye! The portraits for Ethereal Kingdoms was captured through his tireless lens and polished to perfection in his studio.
Our lyrics videos on youtube and animated backdrops for live performances is his work as well.
You can find his photography portfolio here:

Patrick Alexander Simon Mastering

Mastering - Patrick Alexander Simon

Patrick Simon brought the final polish and oomph to Ethereal Kingdoms' deubt EP with his smooth mastering, adding depth and contour to the mix. He usually works with djent and contemporary metal, but bravely took on the challenge of adding the finishing touches.

Amalie Skriver, violin soloist

Solo violin - Amalie Skriver

Amalie Skrivers emotive and wonderfully expressive violin style brought life to the solo passages in 'Storm' and 'Paper Stars'.
Not only does she play the violin, she's also a brilliant singer-songwriter.
Give her a listen at:

Emil Frøsig, drums, Ethereal Kingdoms

Drum Composition - Emil Frøsig

Frøsig has explored the world of drumming since he first picked up the sticks at age 15. He helped us out adding the final touches to the drums to our debut EP. He's the founding memeber, composer and drummer of our power metal friends Downfall
With an unbridled love for anything powermetal, Frøsigs drumming style embodies a sound, that is powerful, efficient and straight to the point.
If you liked his drums here in the kingdoms, you'll love the powermetal magic he makes with Downfall!

Tim Nederveen The vision ablaze etthereal kingdoms choir

Choir, tenor - Tim Nederveen

Tim Nederveen sang the heartfelt and radiant tenor lines for the choirs of 'Endings'. You might have heard and seen him as the vocalist of our metalcore friends The Vision Ablaze. The Vision Ablaze

Andreas Ollikainen, tenor

Choir, tenor - Andreas Ollikainen

Andreas Ollikainen brought a touch of opera and epic to the choirs of 'Storm'. He's studying as a classical vocalist at Sjællands Kirkemusikskole with Jan Lund.

Mads Sørensen

Choir, bass - Mads "Arpeggio" Sørensen

Mads Sørensen's voice created the warm and mellow bass voices in the choirs of 'Storm' and 'Endings'.
When he's not doing choir for Ethereal Kingdoms, he does virtuoso stuff on his guitar with the thrash/power metal guys at Exelerate and used to create epic symphonic metal with Maelsteria .
If you need a great guy with an even greater guitar, email him at: